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How Messi met his wife? His curious story with Antonella Roccuzzo

By Juan Angel Aiesi

How Messi met his wife? His curious story with Antonella Roccuzzo

From the beginning Lionel Messi was clear that he was in love with her who remind him that he wrote in which he announced that Antonella would be his girlfriend.

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From the beginning Leo was clear that he was in love with her






Messi seems to have made history, and it is that such has been the impact of society before his decision to leave Barça that even most of the country's news have opened with this headline. But behind his decision to leave the Barça club is his family, and specifically his wife Antonella, who has always been by his side supporting him.



And is that Leonel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo met when the player was just nine years old and she was one less. Leo fell in love with her at first sight, with that brunette girl who practiced artistic gymnastics and who was known for being the daughter of the owners of a well-known supermarket chain.



The distance made their relationship cool. However, a tragic moment in Antonella's life caused them to meet again. The girl's best friend was in a car accident caused by a driver with a high blood alcohol level and eventually passed away.



Messi, faced with such a situation, came to his side to give him all the support he needed. From there, little by little, friendship stopped being just that and love triumphed between them. They did not see each other much, because he continued with his career as an athlete and she remained in Argentina with her studies, but every time Messi returned to his native country they spent all their time together.



It was not until 2008 when the player, on a television program, confirmed that he was in a relationship. When asked if he had a partner, he replied that “yes, I have a girlfriend. He is in Argentina, the truth is that I am very well and I am calm ”.

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