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How Cristiano Ronaldo spends his millions? All you have to know

By Alexis Almosnino

How Cristiano Ronaldo spends his millions? All you have to know

The salaries of footballers can be crazy for the common people. In fact, perhaps a simple transfer that can save your team financially for life. The case of Cristiano Ronaldo a plaer of Juventus, and the Portugal National Team, is no exception.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world during the last decade, he is the footballer who has the most followers on his social networks, he has a legion of brands that sponsor him, his own CR7 brand and several businesses. All this translates into success, fame and of course money.

According to Forbes magazine, the Portuguese star was the second highest paid footballer in the world in 2019 with 117 million euros, only surpassed by Leo Messi. Of those 117 million, 58 is the salary he receives at Juventus before taxes. The rest comes from the premiums and variables for the objectives with your club and its sponsors. The main one is Nike, with whom he has a life contract, and others such as Armani, Tag Heuer, PokerStars or Castrol.

Among his businesses, Cristiano has a clothing line with his brand, as well as colognes and other products. He is also a partner of the Pestana CR7 hotel chain and has two gyms open with his name. No one knows for sure how much the Portuguese's assets amount or what his total profits are derived from his businesses. From Forbes magazine they estimate that in a year he can earn between 230 and 290 million euros, stratospheric figures that are out of the reach of other mortals.

In addition, for each sponsored publication that he uploads to his social networks, Cristiano has obtained a profit of 43 million euros so far this year. In a year, the Juve footballer can earn around 160 million euros, and that's not counting his role as a businessman.

How Does Cristiano Ronaldo Spend His Money?

One of Cristiano Ronaldo's main hobbies is buying luxury cars. Among them, the Lamborghini Aventador stands out, and a Rolls Royce that he acquired just 2 years ago. In addition, he owns at least two mansions, which are the ones he uses to live, in the most expensive places in Madrid and Turin. He also owns a luxury apartment in the Manhattan Trump Tower, and the themed hotel that he installed in his hometown, Madeira, in Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo´s Monthly Wage

Cristiano Ronaldo, currently earns about 3 million dollars per month. This means:

- $750.000 per week

- $107.142 per day

- 4464.28 per hour

- 74.40 per minute

- 1.24 per second

Cristiano Ronaldo´s Net Worth

At his 35 years old, he has a Net Worth of approximately 500 million dollars. This, makes him one of the richest athletes of all the world.


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