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Héctor Moreno's wife: Who's Irene Martínez?

The Mexican player has an extensive relationship with the Spanish model and businesswoman

Héctor Moreno and Irene Martínez are one of the most solid couples in world soccer.
Héctor Moreno and Irene Martínez are one of the most solid couples in world soccer.

Héctor Moreno has been one of the pillars of the Mexican National Team, and has become one of the figures of Aztec soccer and, to a large extent, he has achieved this thanks to the support of his wife: Irene Martínez.

Who is Irene Martínez?

Martinez demonstrated from a very early age her ability for business, which has led her to be successful in the different initiatives she has carried out. 

When she was old enough she started her career in the modeling world, taking advantage of her great physical attractiveness, and working mainly in a nightclub. 

In this way it can be seen that Irene has always had a great vision to take advantage of the resources at her disposal, a fundamental characteristic in a businesswoman. 

At the age of twenty-one she decided to move to Ibiza to continue her modeling career, but once there, she decided it was time for entrepreneurship and decided to open her first company: a tourism company based in Barcelona

The agency, called Mosquete Viajes, quickly positioned itself as one of the best known in its field, mainly because of the destinations to which it offered its trips. 

With destinations such as Tokyo, Paris and New York, the agency was able to offer a difference with respect to its competitors, which made Irene Martínez demonstrate that in addition to being a model, she could also succeed in the business world

How did Irene Martínez and Héctor Moreno meet?

The love story between the businesswoman and the soccer player is a story worth telling and reading because it teaches something important: love at first sight is possible. 

It all started when Hector Moreno signed with Espanyol Barcelona for the 2011-2012 season, coming from AZ Alkmaar. 

Moreno was at his new club for four seasons and it was during that time that he met his now wife. Curiously, though, they did not meet in Barcelona, but in Ibiza.

In fact, Irene Martínez tells the story in a peculiar way:

"We met for the first time thanks to a friend of mine who organized a party in Ibiza through my company. He was one of the guests and I had a good time with him back then. After the party we kept in regular contact for two to three months. From time to time he came to Ibiza. With the help of my agency he booked a table in a restaurant and many times he invited me as well". 

The wedding of Hector Moreno and Irene Martínez

The couple formalized their relationship and soon after, in 2016 they got married in a very intimate wedding in which few footballers were present. 

That wedding was attended by Javier "Chicharito" Hernández who uploaded a photo of the ceremony to his social networks, and in which he dedicated a message of affection to the couple. 

Something curious that happened after the wedding was that Moreno's former club, PSV Eindhoven, dedicated a congratulatory message to the player

"Hector Moreno and Irene Martinez, congratulations on the big "yes"! We wish you both all the happiness in the world!", was the message the club dedicated to their former player.

Moreno, Martínez and their family life: a project that is just beginning

The couple started their family life and after getting married, they traveled together to live in Holland from 2015 to 2017, later to Italy with Roma in a stay that lasted six months, and their return to La Liga with Real Sociedad from 2017 to 2019.

Later, Moreno played for Al Gharafa in Qatar, before his return to Mexico to play for Rayados de Monterrey

About this new adventure the player has been enthusiastic and said:

"What is going to take me there is to be one hundred percent with Rayados, is to focus. My priority, my main focus, my main objective is to do well at Rayados, to fight and compete for a place. 

In addition, with the support of Irene Martínez, the player is ready to play in the Club World Cup, although he faces the complication that this tournament may overlap with the World Cup qualifiers. 

Fortunately, the challenges faced by the businesswoman and the soccer player have not prevented them from enjoying parenthood.  

The daughters of Héctor Moreno and Irene Martínez

The couple has managed to form a family and despite the multiple commitments of both, they have been able to be by the side of their two daughters

And this can be seen in the social networks, especially of the businesswoman, where she regularly uploads images and videos surrounded by her husband and daughters

The couple is currently enjoying their two daughters, Mia, their eldest, and newborn Salma

And recently in their Instagram photos the businesswoman and the soccer player presented them in a session in which they celebrated Christmas. 

Through her account, with more than 131 thousand followers, one can get a glimpse of the family life of one of the most solid and happy couples in world soccer.

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