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He wasn't going to play until next year, he reappeared and scored this great goal: Haaland is better than Lewandowski?

Erling Haaland reappeared on the pitch after overcoming his muscular discomfort and scored a goal for the 3-1 Borussia Dortmund vs. Wolfsburg for the Bundesliga.

Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland

Without a doubt, there is no better way to come back from injury with a goal. This is what striker Erling Haaland did in the duel between Borussia Dortmund vs. Wolfsburg for Matchday 13 of the Bundesliga. As we well know, the Norwegian fell two months ago in the duel against Ajax for the Champions League and after several complications, his ailment lasted longer than the technical command expected.

The attacker returned to celebrate a goal this Saturday on the thirteenth date of the German tournament. The striker did not come out from the start and his opportunity came in the second half. Malen was replaced by him at 73 ′ and, seven minutes later, he put the third for his team.

A play by the visiting team down the left wing culminated in a great cross from Brandt. Near the small area, Haaland appeared, who with a first touch stretching his leg in front, put land in the middle to give peace to his people.

This touchdown is typical of a center forward. A specialty that dominates Norwegian wonderfully, for which different teams of the European elite seek to gain their services.

Erling Haaland or Robert Lewandowski?

The comparison between the two strikers is as unnecessary as it is deserved. It is that both serve as emblems in their respective teams, and they are the ones who compete head to head in the league. However, each one has his own, and despite playing in the same position, his game is very different. Haaland is more physical, power, voracity. He is young, and has a great career ahead of him. Lewandowski, is hierarchy, temperance and skill. He is an extraordinary player and has an enviable experience. Both of them are the best in their own way.

Erling Haaland: His goal against Wolfsburg

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