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Christian Eriksen will continue to be hospitalized for new studies

By Mauricio Saenz

Christian Eriksen will continue to be hospitalized for new studies

The player evolves from the collapse he suffered in the match between Denmark and Finland

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Good news continues to arrive about Christian Eriksen's health. After the Inter Milan player collapsed in the game that Denmark was playing against Finland for the first date of Euro 2021, everyone worried about Eriksen.

And this Monday, according to what his agent Martin Schoots reported, although he continues to be admitted to the main hospital in Copenhagen, he's in good health and will remain there until the medical studies are completed.

The agent of the Inter Italia player was contacted by the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport and explained that Eriksen, 29, "is in a good mood, accompanied by his wife and parents" and that he will undergo further medical studies to "understand what happened".

Schoots also commented that the player "is moved" by so many messages of support after his accident at the Parken stadium. "Half the planet contacted us, everyone was concerned. He was especially moved by those who came from the world of Inter; not only his teammates, with whom he spoke in a chat, but also the fans. Christian doesn't give up he and his family thank the whole world", he concluded.

What happened to Christian Eriksen?

That's the big question that the doctors at the Copenhagen hospital are trying to answer. Because Eriksen has no cardiac history, medical studies carried out both at Inter Milan and at the Danish National Team had shown normal values and even before the game he didn't present any symptoms that could warn of the collapse that he suffered.


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