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Emiliano Martínez did the same as Cristiano to the Peruvian player and managed to also miss the penalty against Argentina

Emiliano Martínez did it again. This time, together with the help of the fans, but with the same result. A play on words disoriented the rival at the time of kicking the penalty, and they failed again from 12 steps in front of him.

Emiliano Martínez against Perú
Emiliano Martínez against Perú

Emiliano Martínez lowered Jefferson Farfán and charged a penalty. It was going to be performed by Yoshimar Yotún and then the Argentine public began to sing "El Dibu se lo come" (Dibu would eats it player), in reference to the capabilities of the Argentine goalkeeper. And also because of his viral antecedent in the Copa América, when he shouted to Colombian players, in the semifinal, "Look how I eat you!".

Finally, Yoshimar Yotún sent his shot over the crossbar and Argentina ended up being saved. If Peru scored that goal, it would have ruined a magical night at the Monumental in Buenos Aires. However, something indicated that this had to be so.

The thing is, that of Emiliano Martínez with the penalties, it became an epic situation. Nobody wants to face him when kicking. His phrases when the forward catches the ball, disorient even the most experienced. So much so, that it was a resource that helped Argentina win the Copa América, by defeating Colombia in the semifinal.

But, and closer in time, another event occurred, although it is true, it was not playing for Messi and company. It was with Aston Villa, for the Premier League, and at Old Trafford. In front, nothing more and nothing less than Manchester United, who had the chance to equalize the game, at the last minute.

A play on words with Cristiano Ronaldo, ended in that Bruno Fernandes wasted the opportunity, and his figure was gigantic. Today, the same thing happened again.

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