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Eden Hazard fat and in danger of leaving Real Madrid: why is he gaining weight so fast?

The Belgian arrived at Real Madrid for a fortune, but couldn’t maintain a good physical form.  

The photos of Hazard with overweight.. Eden Hazard and his physical problems at Real Madrid.
The photos of Hazard with overweight.. Eden Hazard and his physical problems at Real Madrid.

Times are not good for Eden Hazard, who is fat and in danger in leaving Real Madrid as he has underperformed, but why is he gaining weight so fast?  

Eden Hazard landed at Real Madrid for over $115 million in Jul,y 2019 after leaving Chelsea FC promising to transform himself into one of tbest players in the world, at the level of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar

But things were very different and the Spanish side could not enjoy the attacker as much as they wanted.

Since his arrival, Hazard has suffered many injuries, ten to be clear, he missed 43 games due to those injuries and could only play 2,716 minutes with his new team. 

At the age of 30, he completed 35 games, with just four goals scored and seven assists given, too few for what was intended.

Eden Hazard is fat and the photos about it sparked controversy

In September 2020, a set of photos of Real Madrid's Belgian striker in training, in which he was seen to be overweight, went viral. If it had been about another character probably the photos would not have generated controversy. 

Eden Hazard, when he was not in his best physical form.

However, since he is a high-performance athlete, it is difficult for the public to look favorably on this situation

Once the photos came to light, a real storm started for Hazard, who began to receive all kinds of questions.

Among the speculations, many people thought that his fatness was probably due to excesses and nights of partying. While other less cautious theories pointed out that the player was consuming some kind of banned substance and that the fatness was a consequence of this behavior. 

It was even known that his physical appearance was a source of displeasure at Real Madrid as his concentration with the Belgian national team took up time that he could use to lose weight. 

Instead, Hazard did not play a single minute in two games, instead of working on his fitness to be ready to arrive at the Merengues' training camp. 

In fact, the Belgian was accused by the media of being unprofessional by allowing himself to return to the September 2020 training camp in that state. 

But why is Eden Hazard fat? That is the question that Florentino Perez, his teammates and above all, the Merengue fans who are known for not forgiving a single failure of their players. 

Why is Eden Hazard fat?

After the mountain of speculation he had to face, the player gave a statement to the press in his country in which he explained that the problem is his genetics

In a Belgian TV program, the player clarified that his problem has nothing to do with drugs or health problems, but that plain and simple, he is a person who can gain and lose weight quickly

His words for TV were:

"I recognize that I gained 5 kilos during the break. I will not lie. I am one of those who gain weight easily, but I also lose it fast". 

The player continued: "I reached 80 kilos when I should be at 75. But the problem is that for me, vacations are vacations". 

This would not be the first time that the player would talk about the problem of his fatness, since later in an interview for the Marca media, he explained that the confinement due to the pandemic aggravated his situation. 

Hazard explained: "For me it is also complicated (the confinement), but I try not to eat too much. I try not to go to the pantry for buns, which I have next door, but it's not easy". 

The striker was unable to maintain a good physical shape since his arrival at Real Madrid and, due to injuries, he started to become overweight frequently. Being out of training and eating too much make him not in his best shape.

Having bad genetics is one of the reasons that made him so heavy, in addition to the lack of training and poor diet. Hazard has a contract left until June 2024 at Real Madrid and president Florentino Perez will still give him more time to adapt, as asking him to leave would be a waste of money.

In danger of leaving Real Madrid

Eden Hazard came up through the ranks at LOSC Lille and arrived in the Premier League to play for Chelsea in 2012 for over 35 million. That was his best moment as a professional player, as he completed 352 games, in which he scored 110 goals and provided 92 assists.

Such performances caught the attention of Real Madrid, who after paying a fortune, do not know if they want to keep him for much longer. The player is not currently part of Carlo Ancelotti's game plan and Florentino Perez, reluctant to sell him some time ago, is apparently reconsidering his decision. 

For example, in the two Super Copa matches he did not play and was just another spectator in the victory of his teammates, first against Barcelona and then in the final against Athletic.

From Belgium it is said that his departure could be finalized in the next few days, although the Real Madrid board knows that this is not so easy due to the player's salary. 

Although he is not a conflictive element in the dressing room, everyone knows that when a player does not have minutes on the field, it is very likely that his time in the team is over

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