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Eden Hazard: The drastic decision he had to make

Things for Eden Hazard have not turned out as expected at Real Madrid, and as a result of repeated injuries, he was only able to play 14 games this season.

Eden Hazard
Eden Hazard

The local press assures that Real Madrid managed to convince Eden Hazard not to undergo surgery after consulting with various specialists about the situation of his ankle. The White club considers that it is not pertinent, at least for now. After the duel against Elche on the last date, the club announced a new injury “He has been diagnosed with a muscle injury in the right psoas. Pending evolution", assured the statement.

Although this last communication has nothing to do with the ankle, it is an issue that talks about the player's present in the team. For this reason, for Real Madrid the player must recover physically and psychologically. All this, after the statements of the former head of medical services of the Belgian National Team, Kris Van Crombrugge, who assured that the best alternative was a new intervention.

"The operation may be a good option to restore flexibility to the ankle. But, without wanting to get involved, I would advise that it would be done as soon as possible so as not to harm his sleep: play the Eurocup", commented the doctor. Finally, the opinion of Real Madrid had more weight and the player will not undergo any surgical intervention until he has more certainty with his physical and mental part.

In the last match, Hazard only participated in 15 minutes of the game and throughout his history with the Merengue team this season he only played 14 games. Some fans lose their patience and from the Madrid bench there are no reasons: "You have to be patient and wait. Something is happening. He has never been injured in his career and this is new to him. I can't explain more", confessed Zinedine Zidane at the last press conference. 

Zinedine Zidane came out to defend him and asked the fans for patience

"I ask the fans to wait for Hazard. We know the player he is. The fans want to see Eden Hazard play, like the club, the coach and his teammates. You have to be patient and wait ”, remarked the Madrid coach. "I don't know if it will be with me, because he has a long contract. But sooner or later Hazard's will come. You have to be patient", the former football player concluded.

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