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Gignac: How much money does the luxury truck he sell with his signature cost?

The French striker promoted the sale of his vehicle through a company in Nuevo León and, according to various sources, the next owner will have to pay $ 230,000 to have it.

André Pierre Gignac
André Pierre Gignac

Being one of the highest paid players in Liga MX has given Tigres forward André-Pierre Gignac all kinds of facilities. Cars are one of the expensive tastes that you have been able to acquire with your earnings. In fact, in recent days one of them was put up for sale. It is a Bentley Bentayga pickup from the year 2018, which is guaranteed to have a rubric on the dashboard.

The luxurious vehicle was put up for sale through the Jah Motors company. According to the description, it is dedicated to the purchase and sale of new, pre-owned cars with the characteristic of being considered exotic or premium. In that sense, the sale would be aimed at a highly specialized audience.

The French gunner's truck is on display at the San Pedro Garza García branch, Nuevo León, although it can be sent to any part of the Republic if the interested party is out of the state. According to information from Telediario, the minimum amount requested by the company and the soccer player is MXN 4.6 million. So far, its sale has not been confirmed.

Despite having been used for at least four years, the interior of the truck is in the same condition. The badges are handcrafted, according to the official Bentley site. Similarly, most of the parts are made of high-gloss carbon fiber material, while the seats and some other parts are covered with natural leather, although the model for sale is dominated by red and black.

Gignac Pickup Features

The Bentley Bentayga is manufactured in the city of Crewe, United Kingdom, and has a body of 5.14 meters long, two meters wide and 1.74 meters high. In Mexico, this new model can be obtained at a value of 6.6 million Mexican pesos.

How did Andre Pierre Gignac do at Tigres?

André Pierre Gignac arrived at Tigres in 2015, and since then, he has been one of the most important figures in Liga MX. In total, he played 257 games, between national and international tournaments, in which he scored 149 goals, giving an average of 0.60 goals per game.

How did Andre Pierre Gignac do at his carrer?

André Pierre Gignac start playing football in 2004, at Lorient, in France. Since then, he has been one of the most important figures in the French football, playing at Pau, Toulouse and Olympique of Marsella. In total, he played 630 games, between national and international tournaments, in which he scored 284 goals, giving an average of 0.45 goals per game.

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