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Who is and what became of Bruna Marquezine, Neymar's ex-girlfriend?

After a TikTok video went viral last year, rumors about Neymar and his Bruna Marquezine relationship status became a trend. They're not back together, but what became of PSG striker's ex-girlfriend?

The couple were together since 2012, but broke up multiple times until Neymar ended thing for good in 2018.
The couple were together since 2012, but broke up multiple times until Neymar ended thing for good in 2018.

Last year, a TikTok video started going viral on social media, showing PSG and Brazilian National Team superstar Neymar at a wedding. The rumors suggested Ney had attended his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, Bruna Marquezine, fulfilling the promise he made to her when they were together of being present on the happiest day of her life.

On the video, Neymar was seen at a distance, looking to where Bruna was standing. The couple broke up in 2018, almost three years ago, and Bruna has been in a relationship for almost a year now, when in April when she made public her status on Instagram, where she wished a happy birthday to her new partner.

But the viral video, in which Bruna was seen wearing a blue flowing gown that looked like the one of a bride, turned out to be fake. Not fake but at least not recent. The video was taken years back, during one of their friend’s wedding.

On that occasion, Bruna was a bridesmaid, and the blue dress she’s wearing was the same color as other women pictured in the video, as blue was the color they all wore for that wedding.

Nonetheless, the video raised some questions: what has transpired with their lives? How many times did they split up? Are they ever going back together?

What has been of Bruna’s life?

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1995, Bruna has split her work life between modeling and acting, as she’s been casted for Netflix series’ Maldivas, a Brazilian production that was supposed to be released in 2021, but because of the pandemic it had to be postponed.

The series tells the story of Liz (Bruna Marquezine), a girl that moves from Goias to Rio de Janeiro to find answers about the mysterious circumstances in which her mother died years ago.

The last time Bruna Marquezine and Neymar were seen together was on October 3rd of 2018, after PSG beat 6-1 Red Star Belgrade with a hat-trick of the Brazilian star. They went out to celebrate with other Brazilians in the team, but it was clear that things between the two of them weren’t working.

Rumors about them splitting up started going around after the couple stopped posting pictures of themselves together at the end of September, something they were used to do a lot, as a sign of affection.

A couple of weeks later, Bruna herself confirmed their second and final break-up. “Yes, we’ve broken up. He’s the one who took the decision”, she said, confirming the rumors that the two of them were no longer together.

Although some people suggested that the couple parted ways because of political reasons, Bruna denied that the election process that Brazil was living during that time had something to do with the reasons they decided to move on.

“I just want to point out something, now that we’re living a critical and dangerous moment in history, a moment where there’s a lot of hate going around. No. Our break up has nothing to do with it.”

Now, more than three years later since the break-up, Bruna is in a stable relationship with a brazilian entrepreneur called Enzo Raia Celulari. Although this time, the Brazilian model and actress hasn’t been as open to her personal life, as there’s not much to see in her socials about her relationship.


How many years were they together?

Neymar and Bruna Marquezine had been on and off since the first met,  in 2012, when they attended Rio de Janeiro’s carnival.

They started seeing each other but officially started dating in 2013, when both Neymar and her were still living in Brazil and Ney was still part of Santos’s squad. She was 17 and Neymar 21 at the time.

The couple dated for a year until they broke up in January of 2014 for a brief period, as they decided to get back together prior the 2014 FIFA World Cup that was played in Brazil. the reconciliation was short, as later that year the couple split up.

One of the main reasons the relationship didn’t work for the Brazilian couple was because Neymar wanted Bruna to move with him to Barcelona, but the model and actress decided to stay in Brazil and pursue her acting career. They dated long-distance for a while, and she even visited him constantly, but they both were on different pages.

Two years later, in October of 2016, the couple gave it another chance but things didn’t work out and they, again, broke up before the end of the year.

A year later, during the holidays, Bruna and Neymar started dating one more time, and there even were rumors about a wedding and the couple starting to live together, this time in Paris, where Neymar had moved to join PSG side.

Unfortunately for them, their busy schedules complicated things for the couple, so much that Neymar decided to put an end to the relationship, this time for good.

Neymar in Paris

It was rumored that Neymar didn’t like going out and wander around Paris if Bruna Marquezine wasn’t around to do it with him. But that’s just it, only rumors, and definitely not the main focus for Ney, as he moved to Paris to play soccer.

He joined Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, and since then he’s played 130 games for Les Rouge-et-Bleus. During his 5 seasons with the Parisian team, he’s scored 90 goals and assisted 55 times.

He’s 15 goals away from the 105 that scored for Barcelona, but he’s aiming to tie that figure in 50 less games or so, as he played 186 games for the blaugrana squad.

During the current season, Neymar has played only 14 matches, under 1,200 minutes, and he’s been able to score just three goals and three assistances, statistics that don’t look good, although he’s been injured for most of the games he hasn’t been available.

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