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David Alaba: who is the partner of the Madrid star who scored on his El Clasico debut?

David Alaba is from a family and he has a partner that moved with him to Madrid from Germany.       

David Alaba and his girlfriend
David Alaba and his girlfriend

David Alaba contract talks fell out and he was allowed to join Real Madrid for free at the beginning of the season. The Champions League winner has settled down in Madrid with his partner and he's getting used to life in Madrid. 

Who's the 28 years old Austrian International partner? Meet David's partner Shalimar Heppner, she is the daughter of German topTop Chef dubbed German Gordon Ramsay'. His father is a very popular chef who has worked in exclusive and luxurious hotels around the world. Frank Heppner is skilled in grilling and Euro-Asian cuisine.

Shalimar Heppner is a part-time model, the 26-year-old also works as a PR manager. They both met in 2017 and have since clicked but made their relationship public in 2018,they became parents in 2019 after Shalimar gave birth to their first son, David didn't reveal the identity of their son as he only posted pictures of him kissing his feet on Instagram. 

Both partners will surely miss Germany, especially Shalimar dad's cooking but They were getting used to life in Madrid. David 's first goal was in the El Classico, where he scored a stunning goal in the match Madrid won 2-1. Shalimar is very supportive of her partner and here is her goodwill message for him just before his final game for Bayern Munich, "Hi baby, first of all, I want to say how incredibly proud I am of you. You’ve achieved so much in your life. You’ve won so many titles with Bayern, broken so many records, two or three times. I’m so proud of you. An era is coming to an end but the adventure goes on. We are leaving Munich behind us, the city we met each other, learned to love each other and started a family together and together we will now start the adventure. We are so proud of you. Enjoy your final game. We love you and are so proud of you.”

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