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Dani Alves downplays his age, reveals his plan for Barcelona

Dani Alves is back in Barcelona after leaving in 2016 and he has plans to help the team get back to the glory days.

Dani Alves
Dani Alves

The 38-years-old is proving that age is just a number and he's planning to help in the rebuilding process of his beloved club. He was considered the greatest right back in the history of Barcelona after signing for them in 2008.

Rumours broke out months ago that the Brazilian will love to be back at Camp Nou but many doubted it considering the situation around it, his a very big concern coupled with the fact that he has missed at the European football action for at least three years now. 

The right-back will now be joining his former teammate Xavi Hernandez in Camp Nou and help with his rebuilding process. In his words he reveals his plan for Barcelona, “I knew within my heart and within my soul that this day would come,” he wrote. “See you soon with the same desire to help rebuild the best club in the world!”

He will be cleared to play for Barcelona in January and he will surely have an impact on the team, especially in helping Xavi get started with his plan. Having a familiar and trusted face in the dressing room will help Xavi a lot as both have a very good rapport while playing together. His plan is to help the team on the pitch and with the youngsters. Dani Alves age and the condition of his exit from Sao Paulo did not define his form as it was proven with his performance for Brazil in the last Olympic.

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