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Curious facts about Zlatan Ibrahimovic's wife

Football superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been with her partner Helena Seger since 2002 and both have two sons together, but who is Helena Seger?  

Helena Seger
Helena Seger

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Helena Seger met in Malmö, Sweden in 2002 after the footballer doubled parked his Ferrari behind Helena's Benz, blocking her from leaving the place. It is unusual for people to stand up to Zlatan but Helena did and there they began liking each other and eventually fell in love and began their relationship.

Helena Seger is a 51 years old Swedish actress, model and businesswoman. She is famous for being the wife of football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In this article, we will discuss some curious facts about the actress. Born on 25th August 1970 in Lindesberg, Sweden, Helena has some astonishing facts that will really interest you. 

Helena Seger little biography.

Born to Margareta Seger and her dad Ingemar Seger. She stands at a Height 1.65m and weighs just 55kg. She studied pattern design and fabric embroidery and also economics. 

She is 11 years old than Ibrahimovic

The most interesting thing about the model is her age and look. At 51 years old Helena She looks like she's just in her 20s. She is actually 11 years older than her husband. Zlatan was born in 1981 and Helena was born in 1970. Just like her husband she took her fitness very seriously and lived mainly on diet. 

She does not have social media account

The most shocking thing about Helena is that despite being an actress and a model she is one of those strange individuals that doesn't have social media presence in this digital age. No Facebook, Instagram or Twitter presence. 

She has two sons with Ibrahimovic

She met Ibrahimovic in 2002 and they later got married and the marriage is blessed with two kids. Unlike Zlatan who is outspoken, Helena seems to be the quiet type.  

Helena Seger net worth

For a model with no social media presence, she is reported to be worth around $160 million naira. That's quite huge considering the fact that most people of her social class earn hugely from their social media presence. 

Ibrahimovic admitted that his wife has been the one keeping tabs on his behavior and making him humble. One is the fact that she did not allow a single frame of Zlatan in their sitting room. Her reason is that there is enough talk of him in the media and he should just be him in the house.

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