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Cristiano Ronaldo's teammates got tired of their privileges

By Mauricio Saenz

Cristiano Ronaldo's teammates got tired of their privileges

The dressing room turns its back on the Portuguese striker for his privileges

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Cristiano Ronaldo is increasingly alone at Juventus and all roads lead to him leaving the Turin institution at the end of the season. El Futbolero USA has been reporting for almost three months about his desire to leave the Italian club as soon as possible and what happened in recent days confirms that the break is also evident with his teammates.


On Monday, the day after the defeat with Milan, the Portuguese did not train with the rest of the team. He had a special permit: he went to Maranello, with Agnelli and Elkann, to buy a Ferrari. It would not have been anything strange in a moment of peace, but the photos of the smiling former Madridista after the most humiliating and serious defeat in recent years did not appeal to the Tifosi or his teammates at all.

Cristiano earns 30 million euros net at Juve and, despite his goals (100 in 131 games), the team has worsened year after year since he arrived. It was not his fault, obviously (the club changed three coaches in three years), but now that everything is going badly, controversies are inevitable. In addition, as ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ said on Wednesday, the relationship with the rest of the dressing room is practically non-existent.

The only one he sees away from the pitch is Pinsoglio, while on the green there is hardly any talk with the rest of the Bianconeri, "surprised and disappointed" with his absence on Monday. According to the pink newspaper, "the companions have abandoned him" and they can no longer bear all his privileges. With Sarri he stopped doing the athletic sessions, and with Pirlo it has already happened more times that he had permission for personal or sponsor matters.

The team doesn't recognize him as a leader also because of his attitude on the field, with his reproaches every time the ball doesn't reach him and a physical state far from his best condition (in the last five days, he only 'wet' against Udinese). Ronaldo is alone in Turin and hopes to leave soon, but finding a team that will pay him the 30 million he earns there is going to be very difficult.



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