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Cristiano Ronaldo: what position will he plays in Manchester United? Solskjaer revealed it

Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived at United and everyone wants to know when the Portuguese will make his debut, here's all about CR7's position on the pitch at the new United.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester
Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to Manchester United after 12 long years. United's surprise signing meant that the Portuguese arrived in Manchester but was unable to be present at his team's 1-0 win over Wolverhampton. However, he already has a definite date for his new debut.

Cristiano Ronaldo has already passed the medical check-up at Manchester United and his redebut is getting closer and closer. Some of the doubts surrounding the Portuguese's return to English soccer are which number he will wear and in which position he will play. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, DT of the team, was in charge of solving the second one.


In which position will Ronaldo play in Manchester?

"He used to play open on the right, on the left, up front. There will be games where we'll play two up front or three up front, but I want him in the box. I want him to score goals. Cristiano has evolved as a player, he's more of a center forward for me at the moment, definitely. I want him in the box, scoring goals. He's not signed to sit on the bench. He will make us a better team," he told the English media. 

In his first spell with United (2003-2009), Cristiano stood out for his speed, dribbling and power on the flanks, especially on the right. At Real Madrid he adopted a much more goal-scoring facet and over the years he began to position himself more in the center of the box.

Moreover, if there is anyone who knows Ronaldo well, it is Solskjaer, as they were teammates between 2003 and 2007. Together they played a total of 32 games, in which they scored four goals between them (one goal with an assist from the other).

After the match against Wolves, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer spoke to the media and answered questions about CR7's debut. The Manchester United manager said that he expects to have the Portuguese for the next Premier League match and that they are "working to achieve it".

After the FIFA date on September 11 against Newcastle will be the presentation of Cristiano. Ronaldo would use this time to work with his new teammates and adapt to the team's style.

Solskjaer: a United legend

The United boss is a true emblem of the club, where he played for 12 seasons, scoring 127 goals in 365 games and winning an impressive 13 titles, including a Champions League and an Intercontinental Cup.

That is why Solskjær was very blunt when asked about Cristiano, a player with whom he shared a squad at Manchester United, and the rumors that put him on the other side of Manchester. With a serious gesture and without hesitation, the coach said: "I know we are professionals, but when you played for Manchester United you don't go to Manchester City" Those words had an effect, a few days later, Cristiano arrived at United.

In his first season at United he scored 18 goals. One of his most memorable feats was scoring 4 goals in one game. He did it in the victory against Nottingham Forest FC (8-1). After David Beckham's injuries he was able to be in the starting team.

Solskjaer: his playing days

Although he was not a starter in the English team, he had a great scoring capacity and Alex Ferguson used him for moments of anguish, especially to turn the score around when they were losing.In the 1999 Champions League final when Manchester was losing 1-0 against Bayern Munich, Ferguson brought him in and they turned the score around and won the championship.

He returned to the team for the 2006/07 Champions League, scoring a goal a few minutes after coming on against Celtic FC. Constant knee injuries led to his retirement in 2007, after scoring 126 goals in 366 appearances for England.

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