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Cristiano Ronaldo was victim of a new attack

A former Barcelona emblem spoke to the press and nothing was saved. Among other things, he doubted the validity of Cristiano Ronaldo as a footballer.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

Rivaldo Vítor Borba Ferreira, well known as Rivaldo, spoke for Betfair and referred to FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi's continuity and a possible return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. The legend of the Barça club made clear his views on the market movements that are about to take place, and nothing was saved in terms of what he thinks and feels as a former footballer.

"It would make the Madridistas very happy, but it would also be a risk," argued the Brazilian for said media, questioning the validity of the Portuguese as a footballer, and doubting his level to remain in the elite. “We must recognize that the Cristiano Ronaldo that left Real Madrid a few years ago is not the same as it is now. Of course he will continue to score many goals and make a difference, showing his enormous determination on the field, but he may be demanding too much for this phase of his career. If the thing does not go well, his status as an idol can be damaged", assured the legend of the club culé.

The former player also referred to his compatriot Vinicius Jr: "I know he is training it. Is obviously he is having trouble seeing the door, but he needs to keep working on it. What he needs is to be a little more relaxed when he is in front of the goal, because it is the only thing he needs to be able to score more regularly", commented Rivaldo. Also ensuring that the player has a lot of anxiety and that is counterproductive for him.

Finally, he referred to the club of his loves and Lionel Messi

As a former Barcelona player, the club legend referred to Messi's continuity. "Barcelona must focus on retaining its star, Messi, especially because Joan Laporta knows him very well and may have extra arguments, something that other possible presidents they did not have”, he commented.

Unlike other interviews where he contemplated the possibility of seeing him at PSG, this time he hopes that he will stay with the team. "We are seeing lately Messi appear more frequently than before, more since Laporta has returned. He even had the gesture of going to vote for the first time and attended Laporta's presentation. All are signs that show that he is open to speak and even to reach an agreement with the club", concluded Rivaldo, giving a message of hope to all the fans of Barcelona.

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