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Cristiano Ronaldo targeted by Manchester United for the diet he wants to impose on his teammates

Cristiano Ronaldo's diet made the news many times. In this case, it was again, but with a peculiarity: He wants his teammates to copy it.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his teammates
Cristiano Ronaldo with his teammates

Cristiano Ronaldo has been characterized in his career as a professional for being a footballer who takes great care of his physique and is always in constant training. In this case, it seems that a controversy was generated within Manchester United about CR7's diet, since according to the English medium The Sun, the Portuguese has convinced the club's chefs that their favorite food is part of the team's menu.

It is well known by all the strict diet that has accompanied the Portuguese throughout his career and that has undoubtedly been a factor not only in maintaining a good physical but also mental condition, which is reflected within the field of play, and would have amazed his teammates.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating

Cristiano Ronaldo: What are the dishes that CR7 ordered?

The Portuguese diet allows him to eat six meals a day. This caused Cristiano himself to provide the cooks with a list of his favorite foods. The first is a traditional Portuguese stew, Bacalhau, made with cod and eggs, which was not well received by the United squad. However, other proposals seem to have been liked in the dressing room, such as octopus-based meals, according to sources from the English club to said British media.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The reason for his incredible physical form

At 36, the sacrifice for diet, which he has made for two decades, has paid off and is showing that he still has many years left in football. The most recent example is that he already has four goals in his first three games on his return to Manchester United.

In addition, in his free time, the Portuguese does not consume any alcohol and is not characterized by being a player who goes to parties a lot. From the English media they affirm that Cristiano Ronaldo wants the squad to begin to have the same eating habits with the food of their country.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Hero against Villareal

Cristiano Ronaldo dressed as a hero on his return to Old Trafford for the Champions League. When it seemed that the game was coming to an end, and it would end equal in 1, Cristiano Ronaldo put the final 2 to 1 in the last gasp of the meeting, to the delirium of all Manchester.

Cristiano Ronaldo's goal against Villareal

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