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Cristiano Ronaldo and Mike Tyson: What are your diets that allow you to maintain your physical condition?

Two of the most respected athletes of all time. One, more current than ever. The other retired, but still giving something to talk about. How do they stay stable over time?

Mike Tyson and Cristiano Ronaldo
Mike Tyson and Cristiano Ronaldo

One to continue in activity and the other to stay in shape in the exhibitions that he performs. But at the end of the day, both for their well-being. Cristiano Ronaldo, current Juventus player and one of the best of all time, and Mike Tyson, retired but who makes presentations to raise money, are on strict diets.

Cristiano Ronaldo diet consists of up to six meals a day: a breakfast, two meals, a snack, and two dinners; it is based on fish (swordfish, tuna and cod are his favorites) and chicken, foods that Ronaldo considers "magical" due to their high protein and low fat content.

Now, what do you eat in each of his intakes? At breakfast, ham, cheese and low-calorie yogurt predominate, always accompanied by an infusion such as coffee or tea. At lunch, chicken is what he always has on his plate of him, with various types of salads, with green leaves and all kinds. Then it's time for another meal, where fish appears as protein, accompanied by vegetables.

In the snack, some infusion with toast spread with avocado (one of his favorite vegetables) and various types of seasonal fruit. And at dinner, fish or meat with salad, divided into two parts, separately, never on the same plate. But that isn't the only thing the Juventus forward does, as he has to be very well rested. For this reason, it's common for him to take more than one nap a day, usually one when he returns from training with the Turin team and one between lunch and snack, since he considers that sleeping well helps him to be in optimal conditions mental conditions to face the matches.

As reported by The Sun, Mike Tyson consumes approximately 4,000 calories per day and on his list of foods are oats, milk, and vitamin supplements such as magnesium and fish oil. In his lunch he eats chicken breast for its high protein level, low in fat and carbohydrates. This accompanied by a lot of rice and different types of grains to nourish his body for physical activity.

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