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Concacaf League: Olimpia of Honduras' punishment to its players for receiving money from Ronnie Brunswijk and being disqualified

Olimpia of Honduras announced that it will punish the players who accepted dollars from the vice-president of Suriname, which generated the disqualification of the Concacaf League teams.   

Olimpia players
Olimpia players

Honduras club Olimpia was disqualified from this year's CONCACAF league as well as their opponent Surinamese club Inter Moengotapoe following a video that circulated of the club owner and Surinamese vice President Ronnie BrunswijkOlimpia won the match which had Brunswijk in the match 6-0 but an unprofessional conduct by the club's players after the match led to their disqualification. Brunswijk started the match in attack and played 54 minutes, his son also started but was replaced after 29 minutes. After the match, he proceeded to the dressing room of Olimpia and gave cash to the players and was also given the club's jersey.

What did CONCACAF say about the incident?

CONCACAF released a statement about the incident, first suspending Brunswijk for three years from all CONCACAF competitions and positions. "The Concacaf Disciplinary Committee has fully investigated the circumstances surrounding the integrity concerns raised by a video which circulated on social media following the Inter MoengoTapoe vs CD Olimpia Concacaf League match.

"Having assessed the actions evidenced in the video and considered written statements provided by both clubs, the Committee has determined that serious breaches of integrity rules occurred after the match. As a consequence of these rule breaches, both clubs have been disqualified and removed from this year’s Concacaf League with immediate effect. Additionally, the Committee has ruled that Mr Ronnie Brunswijk is banned for three years from participating in any capacity in Concacaf competitions.

"Concacaf is continuing to investigate this matter, and other individuals involved, and reserves the right to refer any further evidence to its Disciplinary Committee."

What did the club say about the incident?

Brunswijk giving money to Olimpia players.

Olimpia made a statement accepting CONCACAF's decision regrettably because their time in the competition ended in a way they would not have liked due to the incident. The club also urged CONCACAF to prevent "members who do not present the ideal conditions to be part of an event for professionals in this sport and for players with criminal records."

The club claims the money received from Brunswijk will be donated to charity and not spent. He was linked to drug trafficking and has an eight years jail term in the US but Suriname doesn't extradite its citizens and so far he does not leave his country, he is safe.

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