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Ciro Immobile's wife: who is the woman of the Italy's star?

By Alexis Almosnino

Ciro Immobile's wife: who is the woman of the Italy's star?

Ciro Immobile is one of the most important strikers of the moment. Goal-proof, he was getting into the hearts of the people, but the road has not been easy at all, and his family was there to contain him.

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Everyone in football knows Ciro Immobile well. The Lazio striker, at 31, is living a second youth and has become one of the top scorers in Europe. In fact, last year he had, perhaps, the best on a personal level since he dedicated himself to professional football. Paying with goals, he got on everyone's lips, and he fought until the last day to stay with the golden ball in Europe.

However,  Ciro Immobile has interspersed great seasons with unnoticed steps. He is a footballer who needs his team to adapt to his game and stability in the eleven to develop his goalscoring side. Proof of this is his career, in which he has great successes and failures, as in Sevilla.

Ciro Immobile's career, to get to who he is today, was not easy at all. Formed in the ranks of the humble Salernitana, his football did not go unnoticed and at the age of 17 he signed a contract with Juventus. However, he failed to fit into Serie A, so he was belted to Siena, Grosseto and Pescara, steps that also turned out to be false.

Since then, he has worn the shirts of Genoa, Torino, Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla, to reach the place that would end up being his home, as it turned out to be Lazio. In football, and not to mention in that of the first level, 3 fundamental factors are needed. Technique, of course, privileged training and physique, and mental stability, which allows you to focus your head where it really needs to be.

A depressed player possibly expresses that on the field. One distracted, will be booed in just minutes. The truth is that, like everyone else, soccer players have their problems, and they are people of flesh and blood, who have and are made of emotions. His wife, Jessica Melena, a great architect and company of the Italian forward, is in charge of that.

Who is Ciro Immobile's wife?

Ciro Immobile is married with Jessica Melena, since 2014. For them,  it was a real love at first sight, a lightning that changed her life: “It was like a tsunami that razed the past to the ground. As before, there is hardly anything left. I left university, my family, my roots. I made two daughters and six moves in six years between Italy, Germany and Spain ", he assured.

Who is Jessica Melena?

Jessica Melena is mostly famous for being the wife of the Lazio star, Ciro Immobile, and being a real mother of three children with him. Jessica is also a big supporter of her husband and she always takes the opportunity to go to the stadium and cheer for him while he is playing.

Jessica Melena Professional Career

Jessica Melena works as a model, influencer and she is an Internet personality. Her fans love her and she has a very positive influence on them.

Jessica Melena Net Worth

The truth is that there is no estimated figure for Jessica Malena's net worth. However, Ciro Immobile's net worth is well known. This, is estimated to be over €15 Million, since he has an annual salary is estimated to be over €4 Million and his weekly wage is €88,462.



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