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Chiellini's wife: who is the woman of the Juventus's and Italy's star?

Giorgio Chiellini is synonymous of success in the world of football. It is one of those names that are respected. Someone who everyone loves; Their owns, and the others. But, if the public loves him, imagine his wife, Carolina Bonistalli, great architect of all the good things that the eternal captain has achieved.

Giorgio Chiellini
Giorgio Chiellini

When you are a child and you want to become a professional footballer, most of you think about scoring goals. Only and exclusively scoring goals. Although, there are a few cases that saw that their thing was to avoid goals instead of scoring them and that what mattered most was taking the ball away from the rival. Thus, Giorgio Chiellini grew up with that thought.

Giorgio Chiellini saw as a minor that his abilities in the world of football were adjusted to the defensive sector, that his was to give the voice of command from below to there, just to go in search of a positive result. However, his path with a ball by his side did not necessarily begin on a sports court. 

Giorgio nació un 14 de agosto de 1984 in the city of Pisa, in Italy. Although he spent much of his childhood in the city of the leaning tower, his parents decided to move about 30 km to Livorno, and write him down in the sport of his choice: in this case, basketball.To everyone's surprise, and as a result of those turns that life has unpredictable, he was quickly removed from the sports center he attended, since his coach confessed that he did not see any potential in him as an athlete.

Neither slow nor lazy, Giorgio did not lower his head, and quickly got into the world of football. In this way, he joined the ranks of the team from his city, Livorno, and just a few years later, he was already playing for the first team in Serie A. After this first step he arrived at Fiorentina, and finally in 2005 He traveled to Turin to become a Juventus player.

The numbers speak for themselves to explain what Chiellini means in the world of football. Between teams and his selection, he played a total of 650 official matches, in which he scored 43 goals. Now, the truth is that it is not for everyone to stay so many years playing at the first international level, and for this, 3 fundamental factors are needed: skill, commitment, and mental stability. The first two are usually natural, or specific to the personality of each one. The third is taken over by his partner and life partner: Carolina Bonistalli

Who is Giorgio Chiellini´s wife?

Carolina and Giorgio’s story goes way back to when their paths crossed in a football event. It’s crazy how one little encounter can lead to something so beautiful. There was always a spark between the two, and they soon started dating. After dating for a long time, in 2010, the couple finally got engaged. They remain engaged for a good 4 years before they finally decided to get married in Livorno. 

Who is Carolina Bonistalli?

Carolina Bonistalli is a beautiful 38-year-old lady born and raised in Italy. This cheerful Italian woman likes to keep things private, although she has about 46K followers on Instagram.

Carolina Bonistalli: Physical Stats 

Carolina Bonistalli is not a model. However, she takes care of her body very well. Carolina stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Her body weight mostly stays around 59 kg. Her body measurements are 34-26-34 inches. The combination of dark brown eyes and hair indeed show her class. Carolina, whose feet size is 6 (US), wears the dress of the size 4 (US). The better half of Chiellini does not like making tattoos. Hence, she has not made any. 

Carolina Bonistalli: Professional Career

Carolina Bonistalli had everything to make a career in her beloved field. However, Giorgio’s life did not push her to do the same. Hence, she chose to serve her purpose as a homemaker. Carolina does look after her daughters very well.

Carolina Bonistalli:  Net Worth

Carolina Bonistalli does not do any job. However, Giorgio Chiellini's net worth is well known. This, is estimated to be over €15 Million, since he has an annual salary is estimated to be over €3 Million and his weekly wage is €62.500.

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