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Carlos vela is back? The reasons why Martino already thinks of him as a replacement for Raul Jimenez

The starting forward of the Mexican team went from being at the highest point, to being completely useless due to the different injuries

Gerardo Martino
Gerardo Martino

During the friendlies against Japan and South Korea, Gerardo Martino showed off his offensive trident with Lozano, Corona and Jimenez, who were going through the best moment of their career. Today, more than 1 month later, the outlook is very different for the 3 forwards. The injuries arrived, that of Raul Jimenez is serious, that of Hirving Lozano is not so serious, but it is careful and that of Jesus Corona seems to be the least worrying.

Complicated scenario that is presented to the coach of the Mexico national team Gerardo Martino, seeing how the starting forward of the Mexican team went from being at the highest point, to being completely useless due to the different injuries from his players. First the Wolverhampton striker Raul Jimenez, then Hirving Lozano and finally Jesus Corona, who was injured during a match at the weekend with Porto.

Martino should think in Carlos Vela in order to cover Raul Jimenez absence? 

Let's remember that Raúl Jiménez suffered a terrible crash with David Luiz at Wolverhampton vs Arsenal, to the point that he had to undergo surgery for a skull fracture, so it will take several months for him to return to play. On the other hand, Chucky Lozano and Tecatito Corona, were hurt this last weekend. In the case of the Napoli player, it may be something of a consideration, while that of Corona, it only seems to be a hard blow. Although Mexico will no longer have games until 2021 when the qualifying rounds for Qatar 2022 begin, it is still worrying for Gerardo Martino, which is why the fans ask for the call of the super striker Carlos Vela.

The Mexican fans dream that the figure of the MLS and LAFC, adds to the quality of the 3 players mentioned above. Jesus Corona received the award for best player in the Portuguese League last tournament, Lozano is one of the best players currently in the Serie A and the top scorer of his team and Jimenez is considered one of the revelations of the Premier League, where we know that there are players like Mohamed Salah.

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