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Carlos Vela's fortune in millions of dollars: He is not as millionaire as Chicharito Hernandez

Despite being the player with the best salary in MLS 2021, Carlos Vela's wealth does not exceed the fortune of Javier Chicharito Hernández.

Javier Hernandez and Carlos Vela
Javier Hernandez and Carlos Vela

Once Carlos Vela set foot on North American soil for the first time, he began to make millions of dollars to increase his assets and consolidate a fortune that he achieved with goals, good play and wastage of talent. The Mexican forward has not done badly, but he is not enough to match the gains of Javier, Chicharito, Hernández.

Vela began his journey through football in Chivas de Guadalajara, arrived at Arsenal and left as numbers 64 games, 11 goals and 10 assists in the Premier League. Carlos' best moment in European football was lived at Real Sociedad: 250 games, 73 annotations and 43 goal passes.

After the tour of Europe, Carlos Vela came to Major League Soccer in 2018 as the first incorporation of Los Angeles FC and after achieving a good patrimony, he began to increase his fortune by being in the 2021 season the highest paid player in the entire league.

With a salary of $ 6.3 million dollars per season in Los Angeles FC, Vela surpasses Chicharito Hernández in this area, but when it comes to going to the patrimony of each Mexican player, the top scorer of El Tri surpasses the LAFC attacker by $ 10 million .

According to the latest update of the portal specialized in celebrity finance, Celebrity Net Worth, Carlos Vela has a net worth of $ 20 million, which would amount to a higher figure due to the increase in salary earned by the Mexican player. However, his fortune would not be as millionaire as that of Javier, Chicharito, Hernández.e

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