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Amazing: A teammate of Messi revealed his formula for free kicks

For years, Lionel Messi has captivated the world of football with his free kicks and long range shots. As it does? A colleague tells it, who could experience it in the first person.

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi surprised the world of football all his life for his talent. The Argentine star is undoubtedly one of the best players in history, and one of the lethal weapons he has is the definition of free kick. However, Nélson Semedo confessed that, in all his time in Barcelona, he never saw him kick free throws in training. The Portuguese defender gave an interview on Telegraph where he spoke about his time in Barcelona and his amazement for Messi.

“I have no words to describe how good it is. Also, do you know what makes him more amazing? That I never saw him throw fouls in training in all the time I was in Barcelona. He never did. The rest of us always practiced, but Messi never took a foul. For him, it was something that came naturally to him, “confessed the Wolverhampton player.

Nélson Semedo

On the other hand, he highlighted the Argentine's conditions on the field of play and recalled his debut at the Culé team. "He is an incredible player, he is inexplicable. In one of my first games at Barcelona, he caught the ball and it was up to five players. I was in the field and I thought, 'How can this guy do this?' It makes good players look bad", he stressed. Later, Semedo referred to his leaving Barcelona after the shameful elimination against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

"When I came back from vacation, I went to Barcelona with my family and we talked to the club as usual. They explained to me that they had financial problems and that I was one of the players for whom the club could get money. There were many in this same position such as Suárez, Vidal or Rakitic ”, commented the Portuguese. Finally, the defender analyzed his transfer to Premier League.They are no longer so strong as they cannot have fans in the stadium. In Barcelona, people couldn't even enter the museum. In football anything can happen, but I was surprised when they told me I could go out. It was a great decision to come to the Wolves. I did not think twice", he concluded.

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