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After the Freddy Martin scandal, how will your brother Henry act in the cause?

The América striker could testify before the authorities and his presence would only be as evidence or witness.

Henry Martin
Henry Martin

Henry Martín, a player for América, could testify in the case of his brother Freddy Martín, who is accused of rape and is being held in the East Prison, although the attacker from Las Águilas isn't investigated by the authorities and his presence would only be as evidence or witness.

Henry Martin is having a bad personal time. Photo: El Universal.

Freddy Martín's defense requested a 144-hour term to determine his legal status and must appear at a hearing on May 6, to provide new evidence. At the hearing, the presence of Henry Martín, an attacker from América, could be requested, but "only as evidence", since he is not among those investigated "until now", sources revealed to ESPN Digital.

Freddy Martín and his team of lawyers requested the extension of the term to gather more evidence and try to prove the innocence of the former player of the Venados de Mérida. According to reports, Henry Martín's brother was detained since last Friday, April 30, and is in preventive detention.

In the investigation, it was reported that Freddy Martín abused a 29-year-old woman on December 25, at the home of the América forward. In the narrative it is read that the Yucatecan carried out the act while the woman slept and on Saturday, May 1, he was presented to his first audience.

Henry Martín's brother was detained at the Coyoacán mayor's office and is in preventive detention, in the Oriente Prison, where Renato Ibarra, a former player for the Eagles, was also held last year for alleged violence against women.

On his side, Henry Martín played against the Pumas on Sunday, at the CU Olympic Stadium and scored the winning goal for América. On Wednesday he could play in the Concacaf Champions League and appear on Thursday, May 6 to give his testimony before the authorities of Mexico City, in the case of his brother Freddy Martín, if requested by any of the parts.

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