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10 famous footballers who are without a team today

The transfer market is moving slowly due to economic precariousness, where all these big names who, today, are without a team would come into play.

10 famous footballers who are without a team today

Today, July 3, 2021, we will see footballers who went through great teams, leaving outstanding performances, and who today are without a team. Footballers who, after all, would be good operations, especially if we take into account the difficulty of movement in the current market.

There are more players on this list, such as Lionel Messi or Sergio Ramos, that are not counted due to a logical reason, and it is a matter of a few days before both resolve their respective situations, of which we will be very aware. However, from the list that we will see below, there are no known indications of what will happen to their respective passes.

- Diego Costa: The former Atlético de Madrid is currently without a team. It is true that it was the innumerable injuries that caused this situation to the Hispanic-Brazilian, but no one can deny that he would be a good addition to any team if the striker does not end up in cotton. Strength, aggressiveness and goal is what characterizes the one who was international with Spain.

- Paulinho: The Brazilian midfielder went through great clubs, such as Tottenham and FC Barcelona, which says a lot about him. Finally, he decided to leave Europe to join Asian football. Now he is without a team, and no one can doubt that the Brazilian would be a quality addition to any club, even those who aspire to the top.

- David Luiz: He has finished his contract with Arsenal and is now without a team. The 34-year-old Brazilian center-back has experience in various leagues and has always played for big clubs like Benfica, Chelsea or PSG and is more than contrasted in the football scene, although his performance has dropped in recent seasons.

- Stevan Jovetic: The forward was a great asset just over two seasons ago, although his name and his career have been diluted. He has ended his contract with Monaco and, although he has not played a very notable role, he has proven to be a striker predisposed to goal, so there are surely several teams that will notice him.

- Tomáš Vaclik: The Czech goalkeeper arrived at Sevilla FC as the starting goalkeeper. After a remarkable season, an injury ended up releasing him and leaving the club. Anyway, he is still the starting goalkeeper in his team, and he has done very well so far in the Euro Cup.

- Shkodran  Mustafi: The German defender is currently without a team, but he is still a guarantee center and, moreover, he is only 29 years old. Some team is likely to take over his services. In fact, Celta has shown their interest in the player and seems to be close to incorporating him.

- Gary Cahill: If you don't know Gary Cahill it is because you probably don't like the Premier League, but he has played a prominent role in the international football arena, mainly at Chelsea, with whom he has achieved great feats being one of the pillars of defense. He has now terminated his contract with Crystal Palace, although he is expected to remain in the English league.

- Kevin Gameiro: The French striker left great sensations at Sevilla FC, where he has shown the highest level throughout his career. He ended up at Atlético de Madrid, where his performance was declining, until he ended up in Valencia, with which he has ended his contract by not offering a decent performance with the club. Still, the French striker has extensive experience in the Spanish league and has been through great clubs. It is expected that he will join a club that wants to take another step in their stay in the first division. It also sounds in France.

-  Jack Wilshere: The English midfielder has shown a very good level in his time with the 'Gunners'. However, since he left Arsenal, his performances have been lost as the matches at West Ham followed, whose passage ended without renewal and ended up landing at Bournemouth, with which he has ended his contract. Due to his career and at 29 years of age, the midfielder is expected to find a club, being expected his permanence in the English league, from which he has never left.

- Jerome Boateng: The German defender has not renewed with Bayern Munich and is without a team. A center-back who, despite that famous break in the waist against Leo Messi, is a guarantee in defense and could be a starter, perfectly, in any club that is willing to bet on him.

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