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Tigres UANL has the replacement of Ricardo Ferretti

By Mauricio Saenz

Tigres UANL has the replacement of Ricardo Ferretti

Tuca will not continue in the club and there are already several candidates to replace him

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The technical assistant Juninho revealed that Tigres UANL already has the new coach assured that he will take the reins in place of Ricardo Ferretti. The former defender decided to step aside because his goal was to be the coach of the first team. Miguel Herrera was the most advanced in the negotiations with the board of the felines and although Juninho didn't release the name, he made it clear that he didn't speak with Piojo or with anyone about the possibility of continuing as an auxiliary, but that he decided to leave of the team due to the lack of opportunity to reach the bench.

"I didn't speak with‘ Piojo ’or with anyone, the truth, what I did know is that a coach has already been hired, but I did not have any contact with any coach," he told ESPN Digital. Juninho stated that he held a meeting with Mauricio Culebro, vice president of the club, and told him that his decision was to leave because he would not receive the opportunity to be a first team coach.

“I was with Mauricio Culebro, I met with him, it was calm, all in peace and as it should be, looking into our eyes, speaking head-on as it should be, he told me that he was an important person, with a history at the club, that he would like them to continue in the institution", he emphasized.

"He asked my point of view, what I thought about my future, to see what we could do, I told him that already practically knowing that a new coach is coming, that a new coach has already been chosen, I told him that the only possibility that to stay at Tigres would be as coach of the first team, but I already knew that it would not be like that, it was my decision”, he declared.

The former defender said that he had the aspiration to become a coach of the first team and that he felt qualified for it, but that now he will be waiting for the possibility to be opened in a team in Mexico or any other country and hopes in some time to return to Tigres UANL, because his dream is to direct it.

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