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Thibaut Courtois shut the mouth of Mexico's sportscaster

The Real Madrid goalkeeper and hero of the 14 took the time to shut the mouth of one of Mexico's most controversial commentators.

The Real Madrid goalkeeper had no problem shutting up a Mexican sports commentator.
The Real Madrid goalkeeper had no problem shutting up a Mexican sports commentator.

Yesterday was a day of celebration for Real Madrid as the team won its fourteenth UEFA Champions League cup, and although many celebrated, others did not miss the opportunity to launch criticisms and in one of them, Thibaut Courtois shut the mouth of a Mexican commentator.

It all started yesterday afternoon after Los Merengues defeated Liverpool in the final of the UEFA Champions League, a decisive match that Carlo Ancelotti's team won with a solitary goal by Vinicius, the team's rising star, who yesterday dressed as a hero to give the Madrid fans one more joy. 

But he was not the only hero of the match, as there was an element that saved Madrid from at least 4 dangerous shots that the Reds made on Los Blancos' goal. And in fact, the player was recognized as the MVP of the match, as without his performance probably the result of the match would have been another, so all the madridismo right now is very grateful to Thibaut Courtois

This is the sports commentator who was silenced by Thibaut Courtois

But if there was someone who was not very grateful for Madrid's victory was Mexican sports commentator David Faitelson, who wrote on Twitter: "How crude and simplistic to be satisfied with the result. Soccer is a spectacle, entertainment. Real Madrid played to defend. The reality is complex, but we have to admit it: they did not deserve the title they took from Paris...", were the words that could be read on his Twitter account. 

However, what nobody expected happened, and his tweet was answered by Thibaut Courtois himself, who shut him up with a tweet in which you could see how the goalkeeper simply laughed at what the sports commentator wrote, thus shutting him up, and his tweet went viral reaching more than 81 thousand likes. 

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