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They played with Beckham, Zidane and Ronaldo: the worst reinforcements in the history of Real Madrid

Real Madrid has brought great stars, however, several disappointments have also come

Real Madrid has brought great stars, however, several disappointments have also come
Real Madrid has brought great stars, however, several disappointments have also come (Getty Images/Getty Images)

It is clear that not all Real Madrid signings will come out like Cristiano Ronaldo. We know that Real Madrid in addition to the Portuguese has also brought great stars, however, several disappointments have also come. Here we show you some of the worst reinforcements that have passed through the White House.

Julio Cesar

Brazilian footballer who arrived in 1999 from Valladolid, where he had had some very good seasons. The Brazilian played 21 games with Real Madrid but with the quality of the defenders that the team had at that time such as Helguera, Campo, or Karanta, it was very difficult for the Brazilian to gain a starting position.

Royston Drenthe

Dutch midfielder who arrived in the summer of 2007 for 13 million euros, after having a great euro sub 21 cup and being named one of the best in that tournament. His debut couldn't have been better, in a Spanish Super Cup against Sevilla in which he scored a real goal from 30 meters.

Antonio Cassano

The talented Italian footballer gave a lot to talk about during his time at Real Madrid, and not precisely because of his performance on the pitch. He arrived in January 2006 and did not have too many minutes until the end of the season, in a team that was coached by Juan Ramón López Caro, whom no one remembers. The player began to have problems with his weight and physical shape, and at the end of the season he was looking for a way out, but with the arrival of Fabio Capello, he decided to stay, and it seemed that that year he would have more minutes.

Nicolas Anelka

The French footballer was one of the most eccentric characters in the recent history of Real Madrid, a center forward who arrived in the summer of 1999 after paying 5,600 million pesetas (more than 30 million euros) for him, being then the most expensive signing in the Spanish football, a record that lasted a year, with the arrival of Luis Figo to the merengue team.


A Brazilian midfielder who came to Madrid in 2006 from Juventus, a request from Fabio Capello, who wanted to re-create a team that was very solid defensively.

Robert Prosinecki

Croatian player came to Madrid in 91, as one of the most promising stars in the European football, after demonstrating his quality at the Red Star. Ramón Mendoza paid more than 500 million pesetas to sign him, in a tough fight against AC Milan. The continual injuries prevented him from fitting into the team

Thomas Gravesen

Danish player came to the team with the aim of replacing Makélélé, Gravesen is one of the most eccentric players who have passed through the Madridista team, with his strange behavior on and off the field, he got to fight with several teammates.


Undoubtedly the best player on the entire list, but also the biggest sporting failure, in relation to the price of signing him, 65 million euros. After several excellent seasons at AC Milan, where he won the European Cup and the golden ball, he arrived at Real Madrid as one more galactic.

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