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These are the clubs Formula 1 stars like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel support

One of the most exciting sports in the world is not away from football. Some of the biggest stars in it have their loved teams.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, fierce rivals in Formula One.
Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, fierce rivals in Formula One.

Formula One is by far one of the most exciting and massive sports in the world. The fascinating planets of the fastest racing cars in the world has many worldwide famous stars and has produced some of the best athletes in history. Of course, the biggest idols of nowadays have their beloved football clubs. Let's have a look.

Seven times world champion Lewis Hamilton has declared many times to be a big fan of Arsenal Football Club. The British driver of Mercedes-AMG (in case he does not retire as rumors suggest) has had a strong relationship with former coach Arsene Wenger. He has been invited to training camps, for example.

Germany's biggest icon after Michael Schumacher is Sebastian Vettel. The 33-year-old has shown a few times the shirt of Eintracht Frankfurt. Among Formula One drivers he is one of the biggest fans of football in the grid. Just like his countrymen who has even played for a third division club of Switzerland back in time.

Spanish Carlos Sainz, who has just signed for Ferrari and will raise his first season in the Italian squad in 2021, has always supported Real Madrid, just like two-times-champion Fernando Alonso, who makes a stunning comeback this year to the series.

Schumacher, always in people’s minds

Apart from Hamilton, Schumacher has won seven world titles too (1994, 1995, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006). While everybody sends their support to him after the serious skiing accident he suffered in 2013, he's remembered as a FC Koln supporter. He always was a great football fan, and was invited to a training with Argentina’s Racing Club team before the Grand Prix held in Buenos Aires in 1998.

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