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Cruz Azul's 90 minutes away from being champion in Liga MX again

With a goal from Luis Romo, La Maquina won as a visitor and is very close to shouting champion again

By Mauricio Saenz

With a goal from Luis Romo, La Maquina won as a visitor and is very close to shouting champion again
With a goal from Luis Romo, La Maquina won as a visitor and is very close to shouting champion again
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Glory's closer than ever. Cruz Azul's 90 minutes from finishing, once and for all, with its ghosts with order as their flag and forcefulness on their side. Luis Romo made the Cementeros dream with a solo goal that puts the ninth within a stone's throw. The appointment will be on Sunday at the Azteca Stadium, history's about to change and it seems that it's a matter of time.

The time for Cruz Azul to begin the battle against the last of his ghosts came tonight in Torreón. La Máquina was presented to the Ida game of the Final of the Guard1anes 2021 tournament with the certainty that this time they could not fail and for that, they would have to enforce their conditions on the field of a Santos Laguna who, if he wanted to dream of the championship, it would depend a lot on what he got in Torreón.

As happened in their previous Liguilla series, the Cementeros were cautious in the rival field, gave priority to the defensive order and at times gave up the initiative waiting for counterattacks to come where the speed of Jonathan Rodríguez exploded, which could happen in a couple of times, but the wise interventions of Matheus Doria prevented it.

On the other side, medium-distance shots from Gorriarán and Otero that passed close by, but nothing more. Cruz Azul closed the oyster and the Warriors couldn't find a way to open it. Meanwhile, Cabecita made the entire Lagunera region tremble with a Chilean who was invented within the area and forced Carlos Acevedo to fly to avoid the goal against.

Those of La Noria didn't go out of the game plan and carried out their intentions, the bolt was solid, so from there they could look to take the entire loot. For the complement, Santos Laguna tried to be intense, but with little idea to the degree of diluting with the passing of the minutes and opening the door to La Maquina, who found the moment to whistle loudly and did not waste it.

Luis Romo invented an individual play in which he came out between three defenders, it seemed that he was losing the ball, but the rebounds favored him until the moment he was in front of Acevedo and shot him with power to open the scoring. Cruz Azul had the advantage! The touchdown was a resounding blow for Santos Laguna. Desperation was noticeable in some Warriors so revolutionized as they were imprecise that they gave the impression of not finding where to approach the equalizer.

The minutes passed and the final stretch approached. The Cementers felt the game more and more in the bag as the minutes passed. Cruz Azul did it. He came to Torreón to tie up Santos Laguna, take advantage of his and leave the table set so that on Sunday in Santa Úrsula the party's painted light blue.

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