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Premier League: see the record breaking billion dollars the league will make from TV rights in three years

Premier League are set to close the deal for its TV rights in the USA and it will move the league's revenue to a record breaking.

Premier League
Premier League

The Premier League's TV rights in the USA which has been held by the NBC since 2008 expires at the end of the season and the league are looking to renew the deal with three broadcasting companies in contention for the deal.

Premier League earns the biggest fee in TV rights revenue and are set to move steps ahead in making even more. The league renewed its domestic rights with Sky Sports, BT Sports, Amazon Prime and BBC Sports to 2025 which is worth about £4.7bn.

The deal in the USA is being competed for by NBC, CBS and ESPN and it will be a six years deal and would be worth about £1.5bn which has almost doubled the previous deal as the league continues to expand its reach in broadcasting.

If the deal which is reported by the BBC to be very close is secured, it will bring the total earnings of the league on TV rights to about £10bn between 2022-2025 which is a new record for TV revenues of any league.

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