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Newcastle United and West Ham investments: how will it affect player transfers in the Premier League?

West Ham have confirmed a buyout of 27% of the club's value, the second of such in the Premier League. How does it affect transfers?

Premier League
Premier League

Premier League club West Ham United have confirmed that Czech Republic billionaire Daniel Křetínský and his colleague Pavel Horský have acquired 27% of the club's shares which is valued at around £160m, which means the club is valued at about £600m.

The investment comes weeks after Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund PIF confirmed the total takeover of Newcastle United for £300m. The two moves will certainly influence the financial outlook and strength of the English clubs differently to how it has been before.

Newcastle United owners are reportedly worth £260bn while West Ham new investors are worth around £3bn and both have the financial strength to rival Chelsea's Roman Abramovich and Manchester City's Sheikh Mansour in splashing of cash.

Newcastle owners have reportedly earmarked an initial investment of £5bn into the club that is to be spent in the first five years on infrastructural development, academy development as well as player transfers and have been linked to many top football stars.

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