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Manchester City vs Chelsea: UEFA confirmed where the Champions League final will be played

After several rumors, UEFA made official the venue for the Champions League final

N'Golo Kanté takes the ball against the rival brand in the match between Chelsea and Manchester City for the Premier League.
N'Golo Kanté takes the ball against the rival brand in the match between Chelsea and Manchester City for the Premier League.

UEFA confirmed that the final between Manchester City and Chelsea will be played at the Estadio do Dragão, in Porto, and with an audience. The organization will give 6,000 tickets to the fans of each team so that they can cheer on their club in a venue with a capacity for 50,000 spectators. Although it was stipulated that it be held in Istanbul, the body that governs football in the Old Continent had to remove the venue of the final from Turkey for the second year in a row because the country was added on Friday to the list of nations to which The English cannot travel due to their coronavirus outbreaks.

Porto Stadium will host the Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea. Photo: ESPN.

On May 29, the two best teams in Europe will collide in a duel that will define the 2020/21 Champions League champion, a contest that stood out, among several aspects, for having played without the presence of the public in the stands. But the fans received the best possible news a few days before the big match.

Through a series of posts on its Twitter account, UEFA gave details of the decision to move the venue of the definition of the maximum competition of football clubs in Europe for the second consecutive year. “The Champions League final was scheduled to be at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul but, following the UK government's decision to place Turkey on its red list of travel destinations, hosting the final there would have meant that none of the the national fans of the clubs could travel”, quoted the first part of the entity's statement.

"UEFA discussed moving the final to England but, despite the exhaustive efforts of the Football Association and the authorities, it was not possible to achieve the necessary exemptions from the UK quarantine agreements," the body said in relation to the chance to play the match in English territory.

Why is the Champions League final moved to Portugal and not played in Turkey?

In this way, it was decided that the final will be held in Portugal for the second consecutive year, after Bayern Munich defeated Paris Saint Germain (PSG) at the Benfica stadium, in Lisbon, in the 2020 final after the Final 8 format in which the last edition was played. Portugal is on the green list of the English of 12 low-risk territories whose visitors will not have to quarantine when they return to England.

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