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Liga MX: who is punished after the match between Chivas and América?

Referee César Arturo Ramos was suspended for the 11th date of Liga MX for errors made in the match between Chivas and América.

Chivas vs America
Chivas vs America

After the President of the Refereeing Commission, Arturo Brizió Carter, exhibited the errors made by the whistler, César Arturo Ramos Palazuelos, it is now confirmed that the Sinaloan referee will not have activity on Day 11 of the 2021 Opening, this as a type of punishment for the high number of failures in the Azteca Stadium during the América vs Chivas.

In the arbitration analysis of each day, Brizio Carter made it clear that Ramos Palazuelos wrongly sanctioned two plays that merited expulsions for Guadalajara, pointing out that the VAR assistants and César Arturo himself were guilty for not having consulted the video on the court.

According to information leaked by journalists, neither Ramos Palazuelos, nor the assistants in VAR León Vicente Barajas and Angel Monroy Bello, nor the assistant judge Christian Kiabek Espinosa were taken into account by the Refereeing Commission for the matches on Date 11.

Cesar Arturo Ramos

America vs Chivas: Punishment or rest for the referee?

As a result of the suspension of activities of Ramos Palazuelos, some sources revealed that this would not be part of a punishment to the whistler, but rather a system of rest for the referees of the MX League, because in the 2021 Apertura no whistler has whistled more than 3 consecutive games.

America vs Chivas: What was de final result of the match?

The match between America and Chivas at the Azteca Stadium, ended in a draw 0-0.

America vs Chivas: How are they positioned in the main table?

The zero tie did not serve America or Chivas. However, the locals are still at the top of the standings, while Chivas is moving further and further away from the top spots, in ninth position.

America vs Chivas: Highlights

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