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Great teams that have not been champions for years

The list includes many great and historical clubs from all over the planet that you surely did not know about their drought.

Champions League
Champions League

Soccer is usually a very unpredictable sport, where nothing is written in advance, and the story is determined after each game is over. However, what we can know  is that everyone who competes will always long for glory, although this does not always arrive, and that's where the regrets begin.

Raising trophies is something that many want but few achieve. Either due to bad luck, some "curse" or simply lack of planning. This impossibility of obtaining titles, over the years transformed teams into negative streaks, through which no one would like to go through. Nevertheless, around the world there are teams with long droughts of titles in the league or some really important national or continental cup.

At the national level, and focusing on powerful teams, the list is headed by Sevilla, which has not won a local league since 1946, that is, 75 years ago. At the second level, we can place Tottenham Hotspur, with a total of 60 years without lifting any league trophy in England, with 1961 being his last conquest. The list could be endless, if one wanted it, and we would tour teams like Fiorentina, Torino or Real Sociedad, that let us discover that these are just examples of endless teams that have not managed to conquer anything in their country more than 40 years ago. . However, those champions with the greatest droughts are Genoa, in Italy, and the English Newcastle, who are over 95 years without titles, so they are close to turning a hundred without joys.

At the international level, the Portuguese Benfica leads the list, which has accumulated 59 years without any European winners, be it the Champions League or the Europa League. Despite having several second places in recent years, they cannot break the curse that prevents him from smiling. And focusing on Europe as such, Juventus, today with Cristiano Ronaldo among its ranks, has not managed to lift the most important trophy on the continent since 1996, that is, 25 years ago.

Great droughts in Libertadores Cup

Libertadores Cup is the most important tournament in the American continent, and represents the highest milestone that each team seeks to achieve. However, great teams on the continent have not been able to do it for years, with Racing Club being the longest standing to lift the trophy, something that happened for the last time 54 years ago in 1967. On the other side, Independiente, their classic rival and the biggest winner in the history of the event, accumulates 37 years without continental conquests. Peñarol and Nacional of Uruguay, and the Chilean Colo Colo, complete the list, all over 3 decades without achievements.

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