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Florentino Perez annihilates Mbappé after Real Madrid won the Champions League

The Merengues president did not miss the opportunity to send a strong message to the player who rejected Madrid. 

Florentino Pérez showed no mercy to Mbappé.
Florentino Pérez showed no mercy to Mbappé.

Yesterday was a day of celebration for Los Merengues, as the Spanish club won its fourteenth UEFA Champions League cup and amid the celebration, Florentino Perez annihilated Mbappé after the title of the competition, recalling the snub the French striker made to Los Blancos by rejecting his proposal and choosing to stay and play for PSG.

And this snub caused great annoyance not only in Florentino Perez but was also resented by other Real Madrid players, such as Vinicius and Karim Benzema, in addition to the hatred that was earned by the entire Madrid fans, who took the snub so personally that yesterday afternoon, a group of fans of the Merengue team decided to burn a jersey of Kylian Mbappé to celebrate the triumph of their team in the Champions League. 

And just at the moment when the press asked Florentino Perez what he thought about the bitter pill he had swallowed with Mbappé, the Real Madrid president gave such a blunt answer that it left the international press in shock, but above all, he sent a strong message to Kylian Mbappé and PSG, whom he annihilated with a simple statement that resonated around the world, due to the reach that the team has worldwide. 

This was the message with which Florentino Pérez annihilated Kylian Mbappé 

When the press asked the manager about the French striker, Perez only replied: "Madrid will always continue to work on having the best. Mbappé is already forgotten. Nothing is happening. Madrid has had a perfect season. And with this brutal response, the Madrid president annihilated Kylian Mbappé and PSG, since with his message he made it clear that the French striker is not so special and did not miss the opportunity to rub it in his face that Madrid will win with or without him.

The manager's comments echoed throughout the sporting world and surely reached Mbappé's ears, although so far the French striker has not taken a position on Florentino Pérez's statements. Although what must still hurt the player and his team is how Real Madrid beat them on their way to the championship, since although in the first leg the Merengues lost due to a goal by Mbappé, in the second leg Madrid killed them off with a hat-trick by Benzema.

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