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European Super League: Florentino Pérez gave details of how the tournament continues

The president of Real Madrid and the controversial championship broke the silence amid the scandal

Florentino Pérez
Florentino Pérez

The mentor of the European Super League, Florentino Pérez, broke the silence and spoke about the situation of the controversial club tournament project that came into check in the last hours. Despite the departure of most of the 12 founding teams, the president of Real Madrid came out to support the new business he promoted. In dialogue with El Larguero he spoke on the subject.

He first assured that “the Germans are interested, what happens is that Bayern are changing authorities. I never assured the others that the Germans were going to join in now". He stressed that "the English are leaving because UEFA makes a show". And he added: “The UEFA president should have talked to us. We were not given a chance to explain it. They don't want anything to happen”.

“The rich lose a lot of money. This is a pyramid, if those at the top lose money, everyone loses. Now if there is money, there is money for everyone. And many other clubs would also play in a second league to give everyone a chance", he said. And he clarified that "Juve and Milan did not leave".

"We will try that of the 20 teams are the first four from each country (Spain, England, Germany and Italy)," he pointed out. And he acknowledged that "we are open to analyze the promotion and relegation system of the clubs". On the origin of the funds to increase profits, he asserted: “We have an agreement with JP Morgan to be able to get money. We have to do it now because the serious situation is now”.

He also made the analogy with tennis: “People want to see Federer-Nadal matches every week. We have to look for top-level matches every day. The idea is that the parties have the attention. Young people from 16 to 24 years old do not watch football”. And he warned: "The European Super League is necessary because our clubs are going to lose 2,000 million euros in the coming years".

Regarding the contracts, he indicated that “they are binding on the founding teams and all were signed. In the contract one cannot just leave like that. I'm not going to say how much the teams that left will have to pay”. "I have been in football for 20 years and I have the credibility of the people that I am not going to do anything to harm football. Life has changed”, he wielded.

"Life changes. When 20 years pass the generations change. Soccer is the most global sport, but if we don't take care of young people, they will watch other sports. If there are no competitive matches, people don't see them. Without Super League there will be no Haaland or Mbappé”, he added.

He insisted on the issue of changing times and criticized the priests of UEFA and FIFA for their salaries: “Life has changed, companies are cutting salaries. I do not see that FIFA or UEFA have lowered salaries. My salary is public. Soccer needs a sacrifice. If some think that nothing has happened it is possible that later they are crying”.

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