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Cruz Azul: The Liga MX teams that Sebastián Jurado could reach

The goalkeeper will not continue in La Maquina and is looking for a new club. 

Sebastián Jurado
Sebastián Jurado

Sebastián Jurado would leave Cruz Azul in the summer before the renewal of Jesús Corona, a situation that opens a range of opportunities for Veracruz. The Machine intends to lend or even sell the 23-year-old goalkeeper, for this reason presents the equipment that could provide more activity to the goalkeeper.

Sebastián Jurado


Los Diablos, according to what ESPN Digital publishes, have not found a constant goalkeeper after the departure of Alfredo Talavera to Pumas a year ago. The whole of the State of Mexico has relied on Alfredo Saldívar and Luis García, but neither of them has established themselves in the scarlet arc, which could offer an opportunity for Sebastián Jurado. In that time, Saldívar has played five regular-season matches, while Garcia leads with 26 appearances.


Los Gallos have occupied three goalkeepers so far this tournament: Gil Alcalá, Gerardo Ruíz, as well as rookie Luis Villegas. At first, Alcalá was considered as the starting goalkeeper, but errors sidelined him to the bench and his place was taken by Gerardo Ruíz. However, both first-team registered goalkeepers were injured and had the urge to play with the 19-year-old Villegas.


Los Tuzos have been known for supporting youth footballers, so it could be another option for Sebastián Jurado. Currently, Oscar Ustari, 34, is the Hidalgo goalkeeper. Behind is the 23-year-old youth Carlos Moreno, who, like the Cruz Azul goalkeeper, was in the Concacaf Pre-Olympic.

Atlético San Luis

Carlos Felipe Rodríguez and Axel Werner are the goalkeepers of the Potosí team, however, the Mexican and Argentinian haven't shown regularity in their passage through the Las Tunas. Rodríguez lost the title during the previous semester, a privilege that Werner took, who has been under the three rojiblancos posts.

FC Juárez

The border club would be another good option for Sebastián Jurado to add experience. Bravos has Enrique Palos, as a starter, and Edmundo Vázquez Mellado, as second goalkeeper, but both haven't been constant in their passage through the First Division, even some distractions from the first goalkeeper have cost Juárez points.

Sebastián Jurado's best saves

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