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What Ronaldinho and Diego Maradona did in their last party was revealed

Ronaldinho confessed which his best night with Diego Maradona as a memory after his death was.

Surely Ronaldinho and Diego Maradona have great anecdotes at night. The two of them, besides being great players, were two people who liked the night a lot. That is why Ronaldinho confessed after the death of Diego Maradano that it is what the two players did to make it the best night of his life.

Ronaldinho confessed that the best night of his life was with Diego Maradona and that it was a total party. That day can never be erased from the retina of Ronaldinho's eyes since the two things he enjoys the most came together: night and soccer. The day Ronaldinho played soccer for the first time with Diego Maradona was the happiest night of his life.

That night where Ronaldinho shared the field with Diego Maradona was a true soccer party. Ronaldinho has confessed that he even cried with joy at being with Diego Maradona on a soccer field. Those who participated in that game were lucky as they were with two of the most important players in history.

Ronaldinho fired Maradona in a very emotional way saying that he was the source of inspiration throughout his career. I wish Maradona rest in peace and told him that he loved him. Finally I call him "the magician of magicians" in reference to what he did with the soccer ball. It was a great memory that Ronaldinho can never erase from his memory.

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