The last player who shared the court with Diego Maradona announced his retirement

By Mauricio Saenz

The last player who shared the court with Diego Maradona announced his retirement

At age 44, the player announced that he will not continue playing, so there aren't longer players who have coincided with the Diez on a playing field

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This Friday at 3:00 p.m., South America and Liverpool will face the Uruguayan championship. Although it isn't the classic between Nacional and Peñarol, the match will have great appeal, as it will be Sebastián Abreu's last. El Loco, at 44 years old and with 31 dressed shirts, will put an end to his football career and it will be a more than exciting moment.

However, there's one fact that draws even more attention: Abreu is the last active footballer who shared the field with Diego Armando Maradona. Yes, it could be said that with the Loco's goodbye it will be the end of the "Maradona Era".

The images, as time goes by, will be those of Abreu with the South America jersey, but the fans of all the clubs where he passed will remember him. And among those images, without a doubt, we must rescue the one from 1997, when Boca Juniors beat San Lorenzo 2-1 at La Bombonera and both merged into a hug, in addition to recording the moment with a photo.

But also that afternoon Abreu won a prize: Maradona's jersey, the one that he wanted so much and that he recognized that his goal in that match was to be close to 10 in the end, to ask for the shirt. And he was surprised when at the end of the first half, Maradona himself called him on the way to the locker room and offered him the change of jersey. And so, he still has in his possession that shirt so desired by many, and even framed, as he revealed in past interviews.

How was the change of shirts with Diego Maradona?

"At the age of 19 it was something fantastic. When the first half ended he blew me away and said 'Uru, aren't we going to change?' Can you imagine how I came out...", highlighted El Loco. And he added: "I threw her behind a wardrobe that had the changing room. When she finished I waited for everyone to come out, but I couldn't get her out of there. Salvador, the prop, grabbed me by the feet to hang me and I hooked her with a stick of broom".


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