A Fortune! The incredible sum of money accumulated by Ronaldo: how much money does the Real Madrid legend have?

Ronaldo Nazario: the Brazilian has had as wonderful a career in business as he has had in professional soccer.

The Brazilian is more known right know about his business than for his goals and skills.
The Brazilian is more known right know about his business than for his goals and skills.

Ronaldo Nazario retired in 2011 after winning a World Cup and being three times the World Footballer of the Year. He is clearly on the top10 list of any fan that choose the best players of history. Now he plays another game, he is a business man.

Ronaldo’s net worth is estimated to be around $325 million dollars, but it is really hard to determinate an exact number. The amount of money he invests is huge. He purchases a majority share of Spanish team Valladolid and now is the main figure of the club, and that is only the beginning.

The former Inter and Real Madrid player have a lot of partnerships with huge institutions. He shows up at every single Conmebol event, even if it is a draft for a minor Cup. He is one of the faces of Nike advertisings even 10 years after he stopped playing football. And that is not all.

He made commercial with banks, gamble houses and e-sports companies like EA Sports. That time a special card of him was released on FIFA 18. To all of this, it is important to add that he has 17.8 million followers on Instagram which is a huge window for ads and for a lot of charity events that he assists.

How much does he make?

Ronaldo’s salary gave him an amount of $250 million dollars during his career as a professional football player. But it is impossible to determinate how much does he get with all the investment because his money is always being distributed on different ways, looking for new deals to earn more.

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