Hugo Sánchez' wife: who's Isabel Martín and her best photos

The love story of the footballer and the model

Hugo Sánchez
Hugo Sánchez

Hugo Sánchez, one of the best Mexican footballers, not only conquered Real Madrid but also the heart of his current wife, Isabel Martín, whom he met when she lived in Spain. The Pentapichichi has been married for 25 years to the former Spanish model, a person to whom he lied to be able to go out with her, because he invented that his name was Carlos Sánchez and that he was a dentist, but everything had a purpose... 

The former Pumas striker said that everything happened in a restaurant when he went with some friends to eat, a place where they sat in a reserved area to be at ease and without interruptions, although in that place you could observe people who I went to the bathroom "because they were going down the stairs and in one of those I saw Isabel come down and I saw her".

At that time, Hugo Sánchez was already in the process of divorce with Emma Portugal, so he dared to look for Isabel, while his friends questioned him when they saw that he got up from the place: "'where are you going?', 'I'm going to the bathroom ', they saw me go to the bathroom, but it was taking me a long time and it's because I was chatting with her".

Isabel Martín was talking on the phone and the ex Real Madrid took advantage of that moment to talk to her, using the pretext that she needed some coins to use the phone. "The talk was a bit of a pretext and I said to him: 'Do you like soccer?" because he noticed that Isabel hadn't recognized him; To which she answered with a resounding no, and despite this, Hugo told her that he wanted to invite her to a soccer game: "If you leave me your phone, we will agree and I will tell you to see us and go see a game", he commented in a chat with Javier Alarcón on his YouTube channel.

The "white lie" of Hugo Sánchez

"So he left me the phone number and said: 'And what's your name?' I said: 'Carlos Sánchez'". He later called her to invite her to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium to go to a Real Madrid game and it was there that another 'white lie' came, since he told her that he was a dentist and that he would be a little late for the appointment. her.

"Note that I'm a dentist and I will be working and I will be a little late to the stadium, I will leave you the tickets at a stadium door in your name and I will leave you two tickets so you can go with a friend, but you have to be a friend because if you go with a friend, I won't give you the tickets", she recalled with a laugh.

The moment when Isabel Martín recognized Hugo Sánchez

Hugo left the tickets for him at the place where the family members picked them up and recalls that he did comply by taking a friend, who was also going to Real Madrid and "when they went to the stands, I already knew where my relatives' box was. and friends, those who corresponded to me".

Time passed and 'Carlos Sánchez' didn't arrive for his appointment, so the friend asked Isabel Martín: 'What is your friend like?', While his now wife described Hugo by saying: "he has hair curly, it is a bit long, physically he is an athlete". Immediately the friend located him and pointed to him to ask him if it wasn't Hugo Sánchez; "He stares and well, yes, it's him".

Hugo Sánchez scored three goals and then they got married

That day, Hugol not only had a great performance, but he scored three goals, which he celebrated by heading towards her. From that moment they began dating and years later they were married in the church of Los Jerónimos in Madrid, Spain; and now they have two daughters (twins), who are about to go to college.

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