Between favelas, shots and luxuries: this is Adriano's new life

The former Real Madrid and Inter striker, among others, is not having a good time at all


For people in their thirties, saying their name is talking about one of the most skilled and powerful strikers of the first years of this millennium. For the youngest in age, perhaps they know more about him here, that he is not the best. But no one can doubt that Adriano was one of the best Brazilian players in recent times. An elite attacker, he knew how to shine in Inter and in the Brazilian national team, but bad meetings off the field meant that he is currently leading his life between the different favelas, shooting and luxuries.

Adriano playing for Inter Photo: Daily Mail

The depression ended up totally distancing Adriano from professional football. After trying in Brazil, after his successful as well as irregular passage through Italian football, the Rio footballer was left without a team a couple of seasons ago and no one tried to sign him. The latest images and news that we have heard of the Brazilian invite us to think that he lives a most unruly life.

It is that in recent years, the images of the Emperor, as he knew how to earn his nickname, in the different favelas of Rio de Janeiro, either cutting his hair or being escorted by a group of armed people, have become almost routine. So bad was his behavior off the field in his best years as a professional that he was left out of the payroll to play the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

of times for drug trafficking and detained after a woman was shot when she was occupying the passenger seat in the same vehicle as her. However, the controversial character still treasures several luxuries, since recently he has been seen in a private jet surrounded by his friends, thanks to a selfie that Adriano shared on social networks. He also frequents luxury hotels.

Adrian's trajectory

He emerged from the formative divisions of Flamengo, a club in which he debuted and a year later he was transferred in a millionaire sum to Inter Milan. He then defended the colors of Fiorentina, Parma, Sao Paulo, Roma, Corinthians, Athletico Paranaense and retired, in 2016, at Miami United. Defending the colors of his country, he won the 2004 Copa América played in Peru and the 2005 Confederations Cup, played in Germany.

Adriano's best goals

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