Adriano went from living in the favelas and avoiding shots to staying in a luxury hotel

The Brazilian lives a crazy and changing life


Adriano's a very special and particular person. Previous days we told the news that he was living or spending a large part of his days in the various Favelas of Rio de Janeiro, a place where armed confrontations are commonplace. And this Thursday, the Brazilian forward surprised everyone by announcing a news that caused astonishment around the world: he sold his luxurious mansion and moved to one of the best hotels in Brazil.


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Since his last foray into soccer in 2016 with Miami United FC, Adriano Leite Ribeiro decided to enjoy a life full of excesses with his friends. Spending time in the Favelas, meeting the most dangerous drug traffickers in all of Brazil, and playing soccer games for money were just some of the things he accomplished despite having a family and an imposing mansion to live in. Now, according to Brazilian media, the former scorer of the Verdeamarelha team sold his mansion priced at $ 1,600,000 and moved along with the trophies he obtained throughout his career to an imposing hotel in Barra do Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.

In his old house he left everything for the new owners. Before leaving, he only carried some personal items and the statuettes that he wears in his showcase (medals, gold spoils and best player awards). Away from Recreio dos bandeirantes, west of the Rio de Janeiro city, he's now trying to acquire a new home near the sea and in the meantime invests a significant monthly sum to stay in the hotel's presidential suite.

The building has all the amenities: 145 m2, living room with dining room, pool with sea view, full board with gourmet dishes and authorization to receive friends and family, something that not all places allow due to the increase in positive cases of coronavirus. It is estimated that the Emperor (39 years old) spends about 14 thousand dollars a month to live the good life before moving permanently to another home, which he hasn't found so far.

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