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Estevão Willian is MVP in Brazil match day after match day, but the unusual reason why he can't receive awards

Estevão Willian has a funny recognition for games in Brazil that surprises fans.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Estevão William celebrates a goal for Palmeiras in Brazl with his teammate as the Chelsea badge is next to him. (Source: FrankKhalidUK X)
Estevão William celebrates a goal for Palmeiras in Brazl with his teammate as the Chelsea badge is next to him. (Source: FrankKhalidUK X)
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Estevão Willian is continuing to shine in Brazil with Palmeiras at 17 years old, and some Chelsea fans already want the player to join this summer instead of next summer when he'll be 18. Estevão showed once again why he is one of the most exciting young players in the world as he guided Palmeiras to another win in the Brazilian league. Palmeiras defeated Bahia 2-0 a few days ago, and Estevão was involved in both goals as he scored an incredible goal in the 48th minute of the first half and provided an assist for Rony in the 63rd minute. The Brazilian teenager was easily the best player of the match, but he wasn't given the man of the match award and was given something that many fans were shocked to find out because of his young age. Estevão Willian was elected Man of the Match for the match against Bahia, but since he is underage, he cannot advertise for a Betting company that sponsors the award. As a result, Aníbal Moreno won the award, and they gave Estevão Willian a minion as a trophy. Aníbal Moreno provided the assist for Estevão's goal.

Estevão scored a brilliant goal just before halftime against Bahia that amazed the Brazilian fans in the stadium and Chelsea fans who watched it online. The 17-year-old ran towards the goal with the ball, but then he cut inside with his left foot and placed it into the left corner of the net to score the opener for Palmeiras. His pace and his shooting have been two of the best traits that he has been showcasing in Brazil. The fast youngster often plays as a right-winger, and Chelsea fans see him as a valuable player who can help them in the future for many years. He is set to play for them next summer, with fans believing that he is more than ready to play in the Premier League.

Diario AS reports some great news for the youngster after impressing so much with Palmeiras and earning a move to Chelsea a few weeks ago. The Brazilian national team is thinking about calling up Estevão for September matches in the World Cup qualifiers. The Brazilian staff believes they have not seen something like this player in a long time. Brazil will play against Ecuador on September 4th and will play against Paraguay on September 7th for the World Cup qualifiers.

Better than Endrick?

Many Brazilian football fans are very excited about Endrick, who will play for Real Madrid next season and has been given lots of media attention for the past two years. Many expect him to become the next big superstar from Brazil, and the striker has broken records, like being in the Copa America for Brazil at 17 years old and scoring goals for the national team. Some Brazilian fans believe that while Endrick is great, Estevão William will be the name that will amaze the world even more. His move to Chelsea seems a shock as he was set to play for FC Barcelona, but due to financial reasons, Chelsea pushed for the move.

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