Copa América USA 2024

Messi and Argentina smiles, the best news that Scaloni shared before the start of Copa America

Lionel Messi and the Argentina national team hear some good news from their manager ahead of the Copa America 2024.

By Emmanuel Mendez

Lionel Messi smiles while wearing the Argentina national team jersey and Lionel Scaloni puts his hands on his hip.
Lionel Messi smiles while wearing the Argentina national team jersey and Lionel Scaloni puts his hands on his hip.
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The Argentina national team and Lionel Messi are already starting to commence their training ahead of two friendlies and the Copa America 2024 that will take place in the United States. The current World Champions and the holders of the Copa America are heavy favorites to win Copa America 2024, but there was some concern in regard to the future of their manager, Lionel Scaloni, who was not guaranteed to stay as the head coach for long. Some assumed that after the Copa America this summer, he would walk from being the manager of the national team, but now he states that he will stay until the AFA [Argentina football federation] wants him out. Scaloni said, “I already went through the tough time in November. I needed to gather strength and express myself. Today I am fine with all the energy. I will be here until the president of AFA decides otherwise.”

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Reports from Argentina suggested that Scaloni’s relationship with AFA president Claudio Tapia was broken, and his stance as the head coach of the Argentina national team was in danger. Scaloni and Tapia were angry at each other for an internal problem they had, and the players even noticed their manager was angry about the situation with the president. Things were tense within the national team despite all the recent success under Scaloni’s tenure. Scaloni remained the head coach, and now he is focusing his full focus on the national team ahead of the Copa America.

Scaloni also talked about Messi joining the national team for the Copa America this summer. Many rumors suggest that this will be his last tournament for the national team but Scaloni is counting on Messi to deliver with the team once again. Scaloni said yesterday, “We see him well, it was an important for him to have a continuity after the injury he had, he looks ready. He will join us tomorrow and we’ll talk more.”

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Lionel Scaloni’s concern about the national team

While the Argentina national team is the strong favorite to win the Copa America 2024 this summer, Scaloni is still concerned about certain players in the squad, which worries some of their fans. Scaloni said, “The situation with some players is not ideal. In some positions, we have doubts about some players’ physical condition. We have to cover ourselves in some way to make the final decision later. That’s why we brought extra players.”

One of the players that Scaloni left out of the list is Paulo Dybala, who was integral for AS Roma this season. Dybala played with the Argentina national team in the 2022 World Cup, but his base was a big question mark for the fans. Scaloni addressed the decision and said, “We have a big affection for him, but the team comes first. There are decisions and we left him out with all the pain in the world. Dybala didn’t come because of positional issues and the list we have in mind. There are some players we need to evaluate due to their physical conditions.”

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