Chile vs Bolivia: La Roja won, but what do they need to go to the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

With a brace from Alexis Sánchez and one more from Marcelino Núñez, the Chileans keep alive the dream of an entire country.

What is the detail that could take away the ticket to Qatar 2022 from the Chilean national soccer team? Here is the answer.
What is the detail that could take away the ticket to Qatar 2022 from the Chilean national soccer team? Here is the answer.

The CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers have sparked sparks like Chile vs Bolivia in which the Chileans won. But despite this victory, everyone is wondering, what does Chile need to go to Qatar 2022?

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With an exceptional double from Alexis Sanchez and one more from Marcelino Nunez, the Chileans managed to contain La Verde, which despite having given a great duel, is moving further and further away from the World Cup.

What does Chile need to go to the World Cup in Qatar 2022?

In fact, what the team coached by Martin Lasarte needs is to win its next two matches against none other than Brazil, which has already qualified for the World Cup, and then they will have to face the Uruguayan national soccer team.

Although there is no set number of points for the Chilean national team to reach the next World Cup due to the variety of combinations that can still occur in the World Cup Qualifiers, If you look back, you can get an idea.

To attend the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Argentina had to collect 28 units to attend as the fourth place in CONMEBOL, while Uruguay had to go to re-qualification having reached 24 points. 

For Brazil 2014, Ecuador had to accumulate 25 points in order to obtain a fourth place in the World Cup Qualifiers and thus be able to attend the highest national team tournament. 

It should be remembered that in that context, the Ecuadorians had a goal difference of +4, while Uruguay, which had the same number of points, had to go to the reclassification with a goal difference of 0.

And to qualify for the Russia 2018 World Cup, Colombia accumulated 27 points to qualify for fourth place in the competition, which led them to play in the tournament.

Everything seems to indicate that after today's match La Roja has a better chance of going to Qatar 2022, but there is one detail that could turn into a real nightmare for the Chileans.

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What is the detail that could take away the ticket to Qatar 2022 from the Chilean national soccer team?

That detail is the goal difference since despite having won today, the Chileans conceded two goals. Before today's game, La Roja was at 0 in terms of goal difference, but with the two goals scored by La Verde, their goal difference is now -1.

This could be detrimental if the Peruvian soccer team, currently 1 point ahead of Chile, does not concede a goal.

For this reason, it is also complicated to say a specific number of points with which the Chilean team could go to the World Cup, due to the issue of goal difference. 

What is a fact is that the Chilean team needs to win its next matches against two of the continent's giants, and also without conceding a single goal.

In addition, what makes the process difficult is that the other teams, except for Argentina and Brazil who have already qualified, will go for the kill or die, so the outlook looks very complicated for La Roja

Watch here the goals with which the Chilean national team defeated Bolivia

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