Why the Argentines of the Premier League could play the qualifiers and the Brazilians could not?

Lo Celso, Emiliano Martínez, Cuti Romero and Buendía are with Scaloni, while those summoned from Verdeamarela did not leave Great Britain. The reasons: Below.

Premier League
Premier League

The triple knockout date is disputed, and Lionel Scaloni's team has the four players called up from the Premier League: Emiliano Martínez and Emiliano Buendía, from Aston Villa; Cuti Romero and Gio Lo Celso from Tottenham. In addition, Colombia has Davinson Sánchez, from the Spurs. However, what we all know: The embarrassment against Brazil.

The AFA agreement was that they will play the first two games and return to England after facing Neymar and company, with which times are easier. But the same did not happen with the delegations of Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, which will not have their players from the top division of England. Why?

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) used a different strategy to that of Argentina and Colombia, which agreed to have players only on the first two dates, and then return to England. The CBF wanted them in all three games. There is another difference. Aside from Leeds United's Raphinha and Everton's Richarlison, the other clubs with Brazilian players are in the Champions League, which served as an extra reason for not releasing them.

In individual negotiations, CBF heard from Leeds that they would not make an exception as there was a bloc agreement between the British. From Everton they warned that the forward had already been loaned for the Olympic Games and therefore they would not release him again.

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