Why the ANVISA request is hypocritical

Anvisa sent a report about what happened to the epidemiological situation of the Argentine National Team players and an error in the document complicates the position of the Brazilian entity.

Brazil vs Argentina
Brazil vs Argentina

The day after the suspension of the match between the Argentine National Team and Brazil for the Qualifiers, it does not stop delivering news regarding communications, new indications and possible sanctions. On this occasion, ANVISA was the one who sent its report with an unusual error that could benefit Albiceleste's claim.

The National Health Surveillance Agency of Brazil was the main protagonist of the Sunday qualifying session. One of its representatives invaded the field of play and achieved the suspension of the Classic of the Americas to try to carry out the task of deporting the 4 Argentine players who are active in the Premier League for failing to comply with the health regulations of the State of São Paulo.

ANVISA itself was the one that sent its own report, in a signed document that is already on social media. According to the Brazilian media UOL, the Agency accused Fernando Batista, coach of the Argentina Under-20 National Team, as the main person responsible for the forgery of signatures. The local health agency charged DT for having filled out all the forms of the Argentine delegation upon arrival in Brazil.

However, it should be noted that Batista did not travel to Brazil nor is he part of Lionel Scaloni's Technical Corps. In addition, the coach is fulfilling his corresponding isolation after returning from vacation after his participation in the Olympic Games with the Albiceleste.

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